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Man, I hate all those ads on blogs!

I know. I do too.

I occasionally get an e-mail from a reader saying I have too many ads or the popup ads get in the way of enjoying the great content. I totally understand. I don’t like them either.

Unfortunately, I have to have them just like  a lot of other bloggers do. If I didn’t have ads,I couldn’t write this blog. Supplies cost money, the blog costs money run run. Did you know before I even write a word on this page, the basic cost of running this blog before supplies and projects is over $600 for the year? That’s  just for my web host, the needed internet tools  like security and back ups and lot’s of other services I have to have (like the linky tools for linky parties). Kind of crazy.

It makes my accountant shake his head.

So I know we all hate ads, but they are kind of like commercials. To get good content they are a necessary evil. Luckily as bloggers,we can run ads to make up the difference instead of having to “close the shop”.

In an alternative world, bloggers would use a a subscription service and you would have to pay a fee to read them like a magazine.

What I can tell you is if you have an older computer, or much of your memory (on the computer, not you) is used, you will have a harder time reading blogs with ads, or ones that vlog or play videos.

Here are a few steps you can take to lessen the effects of ads:

– Number 1…. Check your pop up blocker settings. If you are getting a ton of pop ups, it means your security settings  aren’t set correctly.

-Block flash on certain sites.  If you don’t want to see moving or video ads, you can block flash player on certain sites.

-Make sure your computer files are cleaned up and that you’ve run basic maintenance on it. Ask a techie friend to help you do all of that fun stuff to open up some memory.

-Make sure to have malware and virus program

-make sure all of your flash players and browsers like Firefox or Chrome have the latest setting.

-Subscribe through a reader or e-mail like feedly or blogllovin. Some feed readers show you the entire content of a post with out the ads.

– When you sign onto a blog keep your mouse away from the top of the blog. More than likely it will keep from triggering a pull/drop down.

This should help lessen annoying ads. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the good old days when it was free and easy, but it’s just not the case any more.

And my life has changed, this has grown from a hobby to a business that helps pay our bills. I try to also keep sponsored posts to a minimum as well because I know you guys don’t want too many of those either. We actually don’t make  a ton on ads. For those of you who don’t use  an ad service or know how it works, here’s a quick version.

For example, A Google ad might pay $5.00 per thousand people who come to our site, but they don’t run that same ad all of the time. Sometimes it’s a $3 ad, sometimes a $2 ad. Talk about watching the pennies and letting the dollars take car of themselves. I make less blogging than I do at my real job per day, but it’s labor of love, and I love you guys too.

So I hope this explains a little about how ads work and why we have to have them. I hope if you really don’t like them, you can find a way to block them a bit to make your reading a little more enjoyable.

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Also a reader asked me to give a shout out about Mesothelioma Awareness day on September 26th,

His wife is a survivor and they really want to reach out and educate an connect.


You can visit the blog here for more information

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  1. I don’t get too spun up about ads, as I just don’t notice them any more. The new thing is all the pop-ups for “follow me on Pinterest” or “Subscribe to my blog”. I’d like the opportunity to read the content I came for, and then I’ll decide whether I want to follow or subscribe. If I have to close that pop-up before I can even see what I came for (why is it that little X in the corner is the last part of the pop-up to load?), I can guarantee I won’t be subscribing.

  2. What a great post. I certainly don’t mind a blogger putting ads on the their blog I mean they need to make some money for all their hard work. But just today one of my favorite blogs had a video ad running for a politician who I can’t stand really took me by surprize so I’m definitely going to try some of your tips. My preference is if you’re going to have a lot of ads on the side keep the blog layout simple. Don’t make me open up a separate page just to read the entry, I’ll just move on.

  3. What feed reader would you recommend that shows the entire post content and that you could save/organize posts that you would want to save for future reference?

  4. Great information. I understand the need but they do make something enjoyable annoying at times. Love your blog and all your inspiration.

  5. I just found your blog yesterday. My husband and I are about to put an offer on a 1970 split level house, and I found your blog while searching for “split level” inspiration on Pinterest. I’m really inspired by the way you’ve designed your house, and it’s given me some confidence to make our new house a home.

    I read blogs almost exclusively through Feedly so ads aren’t really an issue, but when I was going through your archives yesterday, there was one ad that was extremely frustrating on your site. It’s the banner ad at the top of every page. At this moment it shows a Chevrolet ad that drops down when you hover over it. That banner ad is extremely intrusive. Honestly from here on out, I’ll be reading your blog through Feedly, so I’ll probably never have the complaint again, but I bet that is the one that annoys your readers. – from a new follower

    1. And of course,that is one of the ads I have no control over. It comes down for me too, but I just tend to ignore it. The thing that I’ve been resisting is auto play videos, but ti’s the way advertising is going. Those make me crazy when I go to people’s blogs and they have them playing. The thing is,I think if we keep wanting to get free content, it’s just going to have to be something to put up with.

  6. It’s always interesting to me when readers insinuate that a blogger should in no way be compensated for the free, quality content that he or she provides. As a blogger myself, with Google Ads and sponsored posts here and there, it’s very frustrating. Like you, I try to keep ads and sponsored content to a minimum, but those are the things that allow me to style my spaces and create DIY projects. Thanks for posting this! 🙂

    1. Thank you Sarah! I think sometimes they just aren’t aware there’s a cost behind operating the blog that makes it more than a hobby.

  7. I am not a blogger myself, but follow many through Bloglovin and intermittently pull up “What are quilters blogging about?” which is where I started and found those which I follow.
    I just want to thank all of you for sharing all of your talents and some really great ideas!!

  8. I think it’s fair to have ads. I will say if an ad runs in front of the content of the blog I just automatically close the page. you have to do what you have to do and thankfully we have a choice as to whether we want to be annoyed by the ads or find something to read that is relaxing and fun!

  9. I’m in Canada and where I am (in the country) we do not have unlimited internet. So that means if I go over a certain number of Gbs, then I have to pay more per month. It adds up, so I don’t even watch youtube videos or anything with a moving picture. So, I really don’t want to pay to see an ad on a blog site!

  10. I check out new blogs everyday, by clicking links from each blog so I see many sites everyday.

    Your site is the most annoying I have ever seen. You have a double side bar which takes up at least a 3rd of your page. I clicked on something I was interested in and another pop-up appeared. I couldn’t even click out of it so I couldn’t read your info. I gave up.

    If you need money so badly, why don’t you do reviews of products. You write about your diy project and make money in the process.

    Your site is not fun for this reason. I won’t be coming back.

    1. I am sorry you feel that way Carole and had a bad experience. Review posts aren’t as easy to get as you might think and I would do more if I could.
      Please check your pop up blocker settings too to make sure this doesn’t happen on other sites as well. Thank you for making me aware of your experience.

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