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My Fitness Journey and Functional Fitness Training

Hi everyone! I’ve started a new fitness journey with functional fitness training, and I wanted to share a little bit of it with you. For me, I spent the first part of my young adult life in amazing shape. I was in the fire service, and then a personal trainer with my own personal training company until I was almost 30 and had kids. Here is an old picture to prove that at one time I could lift more than a gallon of milk.

Jennifer Rizzo work out and fitnes

And then a family, life, a few surgeries, and age happened. I have to admit, I am not great at self-motivating to go work out, but it’s something I so wanted to do. I desperately needed to get back in shape. After my spinal fusion in 2015 I never quite got back on the habit. I would occasionally walk, and do a little hand weights, bit that was about it. When F45 Training asked me to be a local brand ambassador, I jumped at the chance. In fact, my hubby decided he wanted to get back into shape, so we are both now going.

f45 Training South Lisle Functional Fitness Training

At first, I wasn’t sure how I would like it, but I have to admit, I really love it. I really like the circuit training aspect of functional fitness training, and that all of the exercises are repeated on video screens, so I don’t have to remember after the initial demo. However,what I really like are the modifications.

F45 Functional Fitness Training

The trainer’s are completely amazing. There are certain exercises I either just can’t do any more, or am a little leery of doing with my spine fusion.

Jennifer Rizzo work out at F45

They are so,so good at giving me an alternative exercise if needed, or modifications so I can do them without worry, and still get a great workout. I also really love how quickly at F45 Training we move through stations, mixing cardio and resistance, and that 45 minutes goes really fast while I get a great workout. I will say though, there are times when I realize how truly uncoordinated I really am, and that I can laugh at myself. The trainers are great at helping me with my form, and after that I catch on quickly.

Jennifer Rizzo at F45 Training South Lisle


Hubby is doing the 8 week fitness challenge, and I’ve been so proud of him! He’s actually been going way more than I have, and we can both see the results. I’ve noticed I actually feel better, and am less achy. All of my soreness is the good kind, from using my muscles, and I’m starting to feel strong again. I actually did a pull up the other day!

Make sure you check out their website, and you can even try a free one week trial at F45! If you try it out, let me know what you think. I am going to check back in here with you in a few months and let you know how it’s going!

I have been compensated for this post by f45, opinions are entirely my own