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My Paint Saint for touch up painting

Hi everyone! I wanted to  share this product with you for two reasons: One,because I think it is one you will love, and two, it’s  a Kickstarter campaign and I love the idea of helping someone get started.

my paint saint

I received 3 containers of My Paint Saint to try out and I really loved them! The can holds your paint for touch ups, and the brush is included for the lid and there is a label on the back to record what is in the can. This is a really great product for fast and easy touch ups, and the lid tightens to really keep your paint fresh.

paint saint for touch ups

I gave it a try on my trim and it worked perfectly. The thing I like about this is while I love having white walls, I DO NOT love how dirty they get. You can only make politely ask your kids to use with the magic eraser so many times before they just looks dingy.When we were kids, we would go to my uncle and aunts, and every time we walked through the front door, my Uncle Sandy would yell “Don’t touch the walls!” Now, I know why. Argh.

My Paint Saint was invented by Mark Lacy.Mark worked in maintenance at a hotel. I can’t imagine the touch up painting.

Today a Kickstarter campaign has begun to sell My Paint Saint to the public.  By selling My Paint Saint through this campaign , they will  raise the funds to have many more produced.  You can buy one here to get your own and to help Mark’s start up!

You can also win your own My Paint Saint!

Just click here to be entered you can also enter at  bHome ~ the app.!

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  1. Love My Paint Saint! Too funny – my mom always said that “don’t touch the walls”11 Why do kids have to touch the walls? An age old question! MPS would be great for painting projects too – as I never get to finish one in one day. Seal it up & start again when you have the time. Thanks Jen!

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