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My summer at home tour…

Summer at home for us has always meant  a lot of things. And every summer for us has been a bit different.

Summer at home bloggers tour

Even thought the kids are out of school, I’ve always worked, or we’ve always had some major project going on.This year, we’ve made an active choice to really enjoy summer this year and not quite jam so many things into it.

Last summer, we had a major renovation we weren’t expecting kind of thrown at us, and I feel a bit like the kids were cheated. It took all summer, most of our cash and lots of time.

Cottage style dining area

I  feel like we lost an entire summer with our kids, and I know time is  only going by faster. In a few summer, they will want to be off doing their own thing.

Plus, I can be so high strung, I always feel like I need to go-go-go when I really should be resting and enjoying what is going on right now instead of worrying about the next thing.

I decided this summer is going to be about:

Impromptu summer dinners

Easy summer dinner meal with what's on hand

Working in the garden

Raised bed garden with landscaping blocks

and making food

from what comes out of it.

How to make strawberry freezer jam and ice cream sauceGoing to the pool with the kids at least 3-4 times a week and breaking out the summer reading,

Hanging  at the pool

and taking quiet time, like I should have here.

Letting the kids work on fun little projects like this fairy garden we started.

handmade fairy garden bridge

Oldest built the bridge and was so proud of it! It’s going to be a crafty summer. 🙂

I just want us to hang out, enjoy the summer together and let the days take us where they may. I know the Fall is going to bring busy things with my book release

and I just want us to be able enjoy the  days for what they are.

Thank you so much for letting us share our summer at home with you!

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  1. Gosh! I love those tulips on your dining table! Don’t tulips just look fabulous in plain glass jars? =D

  2. Hey Jennifer! I’m so glad to hear you are going to have some fun this summer…you deserve it for sure and so does your family. Have a blast!

  3. Enjoy your summer friend! You totally deserve it! When your book tour starts…..everything will be a whirlwind!

    Happy summer to you!

  4. Relax and enjoy today, tomorrow is another day.
    I love your dining room and especially the table!
    I’ve enjoyed this tour so much and love all the summer stories.
    Happy summer! ~Jeanette

  5. Hi Jennifer, I didn’t know the story so I went back a little and read about the flood and the rental and the two mortgages and the non-sale and the book…and goodness, you have had a time of it. I think you’re doing exactly the right thing for you and your family this summer. It might be one of those summers that the children will remember and treasure well into their adult lives. Hope it’s everything you pray for. 🙂

    1. Thanks you so much Veronica! We feel so blessed to be able to enjoy the summer and just relax.

  6. Like Veronica, I did not know the back story of your last summer, so I too, went back to read your other post. Isn’t it amazing when God’s plans become visible to us? I loved your story. Congratulations on your new book. Your plans for this summer sound just perfect, and your dining room looks beautiful with the flowers. Happy summer to you!

  7. I too lost last summer, it was a whirlwind of overwork and too much on my plate. This summer is going to be different. My kids are grown and out of the house, but I have little nephews I can enjoy spending days at the lake with and I intend to not miss summer this year!
    I still love those folding chairs with that dining table. I have two of them but I am looking for more. They are not easy to find and no one makes them like that anymore. but I shall persevere. 🙂

  8. I love that fairy garden bridge…what a great way to craft with your kids! My youngest loves to craft and she would love a project like that.
    So happy to hear you can unwind a little this summer. Here’s to enjoying the moment and taking it all in!

  9. Jen – WOW…You went through “it”. I am sorry to hear of all you & your family endured ~ but what a silver lining. Those are often so hard to see when the dark clouds are over head. I am so excited for your book release. Also, over enjoyed that we have connected on this tour & look forward to meeting you at Haven!

  10. One heck of year you had! Glad it all ended well. I love your home Jennifer, so filled with love and detail in every nook and cranny.

    1. Hi Jen, what is the color on your hutch and walls in your new dining room. That whole room is gorgeous!


  11. I’m sure you don’t realize it, but it’s quite offensive to use the term “gypped”.

    It refers to Gypsies and is really quite an out-dated way to say “cheated”.

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