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Nada Farm Sale Part Two The Bloggers

It was so exciting when the gates opened at 5 and everyone came in.


Yes, Mark was the owner of the barely street-legal vehicle, but he’s so sweet, and his stuff is so cool, we’ll forgive him 🙂
There he is again with all of his cuteness, and could Traci of Whimsy be any more gorgeous? Their booth was amazing and filled with awesome goodies!
I call picture T3.  Traci, Traci and Tracey. I felt like I was in a mall when someone yells “Mom!” and all of the ladies turn around. They all look like supermodels. Tracey is wearing one of Jeanne’s originals.
  Jeanine from Chippy Shabby is just an incredible person and so talented.
The lovely Beth Quinn, Jeanne Oliver and I at the hotel before we went over for the sale on Boho Ball night.


Jeanne, looking like a greek goddess. Let me warn you though, this super-talented girl has a dark side 😉 Don’t let her sunny blonde looks fool you. You can read about Thursday night when she and Beth spent the night at my house here. She admits she took complete responsibility.
I am totally innocent…. kind of 😉
Let’s just say Friday morning was a bit rough and leave it at that.


   Paparazzi and thier cameras. Who could expect anything else from a bunch of bloggers???
Gorgeous Denise from Denise’s Adornments wearing one of my original skirts and vintage boots. Her booth was fabulous.
And all of us just hanging out at the bloggers tent.
I am bummed I never got any pictures of vendors Polly, Jill, or Hot house Market, or Anne Marie.
I still have some more pictures to come, and my news from a busy, wonderful Monday…

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  1. I am so darn jealous! There is never anything like anywhere close to me, ever! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time, I love the pictures!


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