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On the fourth day of Christmas….

I was finally able to take a few hours out of a day or two and do some painting. I chose a 24 inch by 24 inch plywood sheet as my base.
With Christmas coming, I’ve been inspired by the Twelve days of Christmas in French (even though it’s actually an english ditty.). Probably because everything sounds better in French. Like when you call some one mon petit chou chou and it actually means my little cabbage, cabbage.
It sounds great in French, right? But if you called someone that in English, I bet they’d call you something back even better. 😉

After the sketching, then I get to do the fun painting part.
Why I started with Day 4 I’ll never know ( 4 calling birds), I guess it called to me…

I still want to paint day 1 (partridge in a pear tree) and maybe one more day besides that… Maybe I’ll have to take a blog vote on it…(just any day but five guh-hooooooooolden rings !).
Also, I would love to have prints made of this picture.. does anyone know how or where I go about that?Maybe that was one of the questions I should have asked an artistic guest or two along the way…
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