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On the road to a project fail…and all kinds of unfinished things….

You know how you have a really great idea? You can picture it in your head as clear as day and you KNOW it’s going to be awesome when you’re done?

It’s kind of like that.

Black lampshadeSo I had it in my head I was going to do this really cool two-tone lampshade. So I found one at Goodwill that was the perfect size and I thought by being black it would be a great dark base.

So  after a coat of clear sealer,I pulled out a can of spray paint and sprayed…

Spray paint lamps shade

and sprayed……

spray painted lmap shadeAnd  sprayed.

It sucked up and ENTIRE can of spray paint and still looked like a mottled yucky mess. I now have to figure out what exactly to do with it and if I can fix it. I couldn’t believe the sealer didn’t really “seal”.

DSC_1345Of course in the midst of everything I decided I needed to freshen up the kitchen and then stopped trying to decide if I really liked the color or not…


And my mom had a chair in her living room she was ready to part with, so I brought it home as a “new to me” chair.


I don’t like the fabric at all, it’s too shiny and fancy for me.


But it has some really cool scrolly bits,DSC_1419

And carved pieces that I think will look great painted, And I also think the chair will look cool covered in a really modern print.DSC_1420So there is all kinds of unfinished business going on around here! Do you find you have a bunch of projects started and stopped?

Microsoft Word - Document2 2

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  1. Great post
    I know the feeling when a surface sucks up all the paint.
    Is there a special no VOC spray paint you can use for fabric lampshades?

  2. We all have those projects, Jen! Don’t give up on it yet. Maybe it’s because it was spray paint? I know a lot of people have success painting fabric with the chalk paints; that may be the way to go. Love, love the chair! Such great detailing. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

  3. We are constantly in the midst of projects over here. And I have my fair share of fails. It’s all part of the process of being creative and taking some chances. 😉

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  4. Oh you are speaking my language today friend! I have soooo many unfinished projects around my house right now including a few ‘fails’ that I need to fix so I’m glad to know I’m not alone! 🙂

  5. Oh where to begin….. but then, I am great at BEGINNING, until a new idea comes along. But I will always go back and (try to) finish the really good ones. There just isn’t enough time to complete every fabulous thing we think of!!!!

    I agree, try chalk paint on your lampshade. There’s many brands out there now, Annie Sloan and several others. And ~ since you don’t like the fabric on that (amazing!) chair, why not paint the fabric with chalk paint? You can always reupholster it later if you don’t like it..

    I’ve been considering this and googled it and found many bloggers who have successfully done this, including on a similar chair!!! The design still shows through but it’s a new color, one you like!!!

    Some have painted upholstery by mixing textile medium with regular latex paint.
    And when using chalk paint, also apply the clear wax over it and buff it, for the look of leather.

    The only thing that is currently stopping me from painting the fabric on my settee is the type of fabric that is on it, which isn’t smooth. But I may give it a try anyway, and start at the bottom of the back….
    after I get a hundred and thirty two other projects done that is…..

    ~ Violet

  6. ALL the time. In fact my house tends to look more “shabby” than shabby chic or any other style other than maybe “granny chic” because I never quite get around to finishing projects in a timely manor…or I just get bored and move onto the next thing. Whoops!

  7. I am SOOO glad it’s not just me! Some of my “fails” really get me bogged down – so frustrating! But when one of my so-called fabulous ideas actually turns out it gives me courage to try the next one. LOVE LOVE the chair! Good luck…

  8. Buzz kill on the lampshade.
    I feel your pain.
    If I owned that chair, I’d like it upholstered in some sort of Frenchie ticking stripe!
    But I tend to be a tad ‘granny’ — your idea of a modern print is so 21st C!
    Good luck!

  9. Hi Jen,
    Ooooooo, I love the fabric on that beautiful chair. I search high and low for unused fabric like that. Maybe you could take it off and save it, in case you ever change your mind. The quality of that textile is so exquisite and will never be made again. I can’t believe the condition it is in. I know it doesn’t have any standing in today’s trends of grain sacks and linen, but it is really something special. Sorry, for being a buzz kill, but it is so BEAUTIFUL.

  10. OOOOO but that chair would be so cool painted! And make sure you share what you end up doing with the lamp shade – maybe use a brush and some Annie Sloan chalk paint?

  11. Oh boy, been there, done that with the lampshade. Since it was originally black and you wanted to go lighter, you should have used a primer spray paint first. That way, there would be no bleed through and you would not have used so much of the the finish coat paint. Next time you’ll know, learn and grow from those good “mistakes”.

    1. I did deal it, but sometimes those mistakes teach us the most! I’ll be using regular primer next time!

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