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Ordering out family worksheet printable

Hi everyone,This is probably one of the  least prettiest printables I’ve ever done, but one of the most needed! It’s a ordering out family worksheet printable.

While we don’t eat out every week, and try to eat really healthy on average or cook at home like everyone else, we do eat out. It’s normally on a night I am just too tired too cook, or it’s just too crazy of a night while I am playing taxi for all of the kids activities, and we end of eating in the car on the way to the next location.

The thing that makes me craziest is sitting at a drive thru window and trying to either place an order when everyone is shouting out their orders  at me,or running to pick up an food order and not sure if I actually got what everyone ordered.

So, I made up these printable sheets to simplify fast food and ordering out for the family. This way, I can print it out and keep them in the kitchen, or in the car and pass one around before ordering.  I can just read it without the shouting, making sure everyone got exactly what they wanted so I don’t get tears later that they were supposed the get cheese and didn’t.  I can take it with me to check an order before I leave the restaurant, or keep in on file for a future date, when I get the question “What did I order last time?”.

Ordering out family worksheet

There are three columns. One for the name of the person ordering, a space for what they actually want, and then the last spot for any special requests such as extra sauce, or no pickles for that picky eater. Or for those people like Suzie. What’s wrong with Suzie?! Who orders salad at a BBQ place?! I like Jim. That’s more my speed. Bring on the ribs!

Make ordering out and easting fast food a bit easier with this ordering out family worksheet printable

This way when they open their item and say “I didn’t order this!” Uh, yes you did, it’s right here! It’s just something to simplify the  something that should not be that difficult but sometimes is!

Just right click to save and print. I did it in black and white so it’s easy to make multiple copies.

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  1. Ooooh, that would be handy for work when we order out. I am going to take a few of these in and set by the carry out menus. Thanks for posting!

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