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Organization for Steam Cleaning accessories

As a HomeRight expert, I get to try all of the products that they carry. I love using the HomeRight Steam Machine to clean around my house and the shop, and I love the idea of organization for the steam cleaning accessories that come with it, especially since I am feeling the itch to start some spring cleaning. I loved how the SteamMachine cleans not only my bathroom faucets, but also cleans my tile floors.

Steam cleaning tile floors

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One product I was able to try out recently was the Homeright Steammachine Storage Organizer.

Steam cleaner accessories storage bag

I have to admit. I’ve been keeping all of my parts in a box. I know it’s not the prettiest storage for my steam cleaning accessories, and I’ve been toting my cleaner and the parts to and from the shop. The box isn’t really the easiest thing to carry around.

Steam cleaning accessories

The SteamMachine Storage Organizer was the perfect thing for all of my accessories. I was able to fit everything inside of the pouches, and it hangs on the back of a door too for easy storage. The only thing I don’t put in my storage bag is the cup to measure my water for my SteamMachine. I like to keep that next to the laundry tub, so that freed up a pouch for the funnel.

Steam cleaning accessories storage bag

I also like that it has vented pouches, so if something gets put away and it’s not completely dry, it can still dry out and not get completely gross.

Hanging steam cleaning storage bag for accessories

It’s also nice that it can hang on the back of a door for easy and out of the way storage. We have limited space in our home, so every square inch counts, and anything that can tuck away is  a bonus. It’s perfect for all of my SteamMachine accessories! I was actually thinking about getting one for my vacuum attachments as well!

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