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Our two for one geometric 8 x 10 rug

I had hinted on Instagram that I finally found a rug for downstairs…Well I actually found two! It’s a good carpet hack!

I wanted a big 8 x 10 rug for downstairs, but the one I liked was almost $200. I know the kids are going to be down there a lot, being their normal selves, so I didn’t want to get anything too expensive.

Do a great rug hack turning 2 4 x 6 rugs into a 8x12 for half the price!

Then I saw the same pattern in 4 x 6 for dorm rooms. They were on clearance for $33 each!

I added a little carpet tape to the back and I have an instant 8 x 12 rug!

Navy blue geometric rug

The patterns almost match up and by the time I put it in front of a  couch, put a coffee table on top and it’s covered in crackers, no one is ever going to notice.

Use two smaller rugs to make a larger one

and the color was perfect. I am going for a navy and mustard thing downstairs.

It’ starting to slowly come along, the kids have already been playing down there all of the time. It will be so awesome to have it all back together.

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  1. Now that is a WINNER . . . all around the block!
    Great look . . .
    Perfect price . . .
    Kid friendly . . .
    WOW . . .
    Great idea Jen!

  2. Did you buy 2 rugs or 4? 2 would get you to 6×8. You’d need 4 to get to 8×12… right? Either way, they’re super cute! 🙂

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