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Outdoor fun and Frusion Go Wild! Smoothies

My kids are wild.
Have I mentioned that before?
Even though I have girls, they are some pretty active girls. My cousin once told me after a morning with my kids that “Your girls are crazy and active like boys…with drama.”

Amen. Welcome to my every day.

The easiest way for me to keep them under control is to let them be active, and to spend as much time outside as we can, while the weather is good. Because once it’s winter, there are many times when we have to be indoors for days.

Then they can get outside and be wild and adventurous and creative and have outdoor fun. Sometimes the best thing is to not have too much structured activity.

Like the other day when I made them help me plant the fall mums in front they dug the holes and I showed them how to break up the roots so the plants can flourish.

kids helping in the yard

Middle is a pretty good hole digger.

PLanting mums for fall

Little didn’t weigh enough to make any head way with a hole, so she was on watering duty.

KIds helping with gardening

After the mums were in, they still wanted to stay dirty and dig in the dirt a bit more, so they decided to play one of their favorite outdoor pretend activity. Sometimes I think adventure can be right in your own backyard.

Summer fun with mud pies

I’ll call it plant kitchen. They like to go around the yard and pick pieces of plants and make mud pies and plant “soup”, and then they will set up a pretend kitchen and serve each other.

I personally do not recommend that restaurant. 🙂 And I generally don’t mind if they pick stuff like the mint, dandelions and hostas from the side yard as long as they aren’t picking anything poisonous or something I want to stay in bloom. I will generally tell them what they can pick and what’s off- limits. They also know they aren’t allowed to eat anything or put it in their mouth.

But I feel like they are exploring and learning about their environment outside. Lots of times I’ll hear, “Look at this butterfly!” or “I found worms!” as they dig. And occasionally I have to go out and break up some kind of fight. But, hey they are active, right? And sometimes they will spend hours making mud pies and pretending.

When they are busy and active I do like they have healthy snacks like the Frusion Go Wild! Smoothies. We like smoothies here. And I do have to say they have no high fructose corn syrup. You guys know how I feel about that. Plus, they are 25% larger than the leading kids’ smoothie and they’re resealable! This means when the girls’ are ready for the next adventure so is their healthy snack.

Frusion go wild smoothie

I am lucky that the kids really like helping me in the garden and having fun with their special “backyard kitchen creations” and having healthy snacks like Go Wild! Smoothies.
Go wild smoothie
For more ideas like making mud pies and plant soup with your kids, check out the Go Wild! Pinterest page, or follow Go Wild! on Facebook for updates and offers. Also, get a $1 off coupon here! Be sure to visit the Go Wild! brand page on BlogHer.com where you can read other bloggers’ posts!
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