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Tiffini’s natural wood planked ceiling

things have been quiet here on the blog. sorry.
i am still creating each and every sign that comes through the shop, juggling the business end of things and keeping the kids and house semi-clean.

when i do get to pull out the list and choose something that can be done quickly and on a budget

i get super excited!

this month i chose

planking the bedroom ceiling

before we planked the ceiling i dry brushed white paint on the headboard to cover the stained wood making it cohesive.


here is what it looked like before it was a planked ceiling.

2014 christmas house walk with jenn rizzo


we have been here a year february 1. you can read more about that here.

i keep a running list of my dreams for our home. do you do that too?

my husband is only home every six weeks and then only for a week at a time so when he comes home you can imagine his list…wink

planking walls and ceilings is nothing new and there are a million how to’s already out there. here and here are a couple of detailed ones i love.

my main focus has been on my bedroom. making it a sanctuary. a refuge after a draining day.



neural layers ( i am going with gray, creams and white, gold and a touch of a grayish pink ) textures, a touch of fur, wall art that encourages me….oh! candles are a must!

to me, planking falls under layers and texture.

i eventually want to plank all of the walls but a simple change to the ceiling made a huge difference.

it added warmth and texture and was a relatively inexpensive and easy fix to our popcorn ceilings.

i haven’t decided whether or not to paint it white, whitewash, or stain it darker.
right now, i am going to live with the natural wood awhile before deciding.
we will wait and see.


like these curtains from IKEA. i am teetering back and forth on the gray or white

as i have said before this is the first home i have ever really been able to decorate the way i wanted.
to be honest, it has taken me a couple of years to nail down my style.
i am getting there.

now, i am trying to find a light fixture and night stand that i really LOVE

what about you? what little things are on your dream list for your home? what little steps are you taking to get there

and while i am asking…

any ideas on a light fixture? i’d love to hear your thoughts





  1. I like the natural look. It adds warmth to the room. I think staining it darker will make the room look dark and heavy, like a cabin from the 80s.

  2. I am happy to hear that I am not the only one in a commuter marriage! Love the bedroom and would leave the ceiling alone (for now).

  3. Beautiful!! We just painted our beadboard ceiling. We thought about going with white, but it was so…. predictable. 🙂 I wanted to shake things up a bit, so we went with a shade of blue – like you see on porches. We figured that our summers here in Maine are crazy short, so we’d bring the outside inside. I’m loving my blue. 🙂 But this is in a kitchen/dining/living room. I think I’d go for something softer in the bedroom. One thing to keep in mind – wood will naturally darken over time, so if you leave it natural and want something just a bit deeper, give it a little time and nature will do all the work for you.

  4. Love the planked ceiling. Natural looks good, but whitewashed would also be nice. Not dark…that would make the ceiling feel lower. I can totally see a vintage chandelier hanging over your bed. Good luck.

  5. Love the planked ceiling, I have the same thing. I love the “LOVE’ on the wall, Did you make it or buy it. Where can I do the same thing. For my newly married granddaughter and her new townhouse

    1. It’s from the house of belonging shop. You can click through the link that says MY SHOP on the bottom to get to Tiffini’s shop.

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