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Pops of red and pink and a bit of catching up….

 I have to admit, I am dying for some warm weather, and for  some flowers to start poking their heads out of the ground.
We can feel it in our house too. My “Little” asked me the other day why “…that stupid groundhog had to see his shadow… I hate him that stupid groundhog.”
While I don’t like her using the word stupid. I have to admit I agree with her,
My mind is on spring as I work on my spring line, I really want to have it ready by the second week of March at the latest, the problem is, where do you  take “springy” pictures in Chicago in March?
 Needless to say, it’s pretty drab here.  I think it’s hard to stay cheery. Last week there was just a grey day in the 30’s  and I felt like curling up on the couch all day and had no energy. I just didn’t want to do anything. In typical Midwest weather the sun was out the next day, it was 50 out and I was bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm.
 When I came across these pics in my archives, they were just the bit of brightness I needed with their pops of red and pink. At least I can start planning my garden. I am going to make my potato patch twice as big this year. Last year we ate through all of them by September.
I am also helping my Mom  design her kitchen and family room renovations.After 29 years the dark paneling is coming down! whoo-hoo! Way to go Mom! It’s new cabinets and the whole deal. I’ll have lots of those pictures to show you as we go along too.
 I have some sales and things coming up! I am going to be selling at Polly’s sale after my collection comes out, and then I am going to brave a booth at the Kane County Flea Market in May and then 2 weekends later is the Nada Farm sale… 
And this year is a big year for me… I’ll be turning 40 this year over Easter weekend. I have to admit I am not super happy about it.But hopefully I will be busy enough to not really thing about it. 🙂

So I hope you guys can get a chance to stop by and say hi at one of those events. Thanks for listening to me babble. I hope you are hanging in there too for the longest part of the winter. I think this stretch is the hardest. I keep telling myself only another month or so until we see some real blooms.
Jen 🙂
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  1. I know exactly how you feel because I suffer from the same Midwest Mid-winter blues! Ugh! Your pictures helped cheer me. The other day I was thinking, “only a couple more weeks until the Kane Co. Flea Market opens back up. How exciting that you’re going to do a booth in May. Let me know your booth location and I will for sure stop by and introduce myself.

  2. Beautiful pictures! This is when I feel guilty for living in Florida. Yesterday the high about 75, today 60. Some flowers are blooming and I discovered a chrylalis in the back yard! I will watch it become a butterfly! My guilt will go away in the summer when I have to water twice a day because it’s so hot.
    Your spring will come!

  3. I have been looking through my old spring flower pictures too and was going to do a similar post because I am CRAVING some spring weather…I can almost taste it! Hope that groundhog was wrong. Can’t wait to see your spring line.

  4. Beautiful photos Jennifer! How exciting that your new line will be coming out soon and that you will be selling at some wonderful venues!!~ Good for you for being brave.
    I hope you have a lovely week with lot’s of sunshine! {I’ll send you some over from California!}

  5. I hear ya. 4 months of gray skies, damp chill and I’m in “DOWNERS Grove!” Sheesh.
    At least we don’t have that dingy gray snow this year and it IS sunny today Jennifer!
    I will say, that having lived in SW Florida for a while, there actually is an intangible benefit in growing up and living in our climate. It builds character. You appreciate a sunny day so much more. A budding bulb and first robin are a truly big deal.
    When I was there I gravitated towards people who were from the Midwest before I knew where they were from. Solid, grounded people who were far more likely to say hello, smile and appreciate their blessings.
    Be well,

  6. I know how you feel! It was in the 60’s here on Saturday and then snowed last night – ugh! Love all your photos – especially the umbrella, dress and pink boots one!

  7. it’s been a pretty good winter considering what we usually have…but i am ready for some blooms too! we are gonna landscape the yard this year and i am so excited! hope to see you at NaDa Farm or Kane this spring/summer 🙂

  8. We suffer with the same ups and downs here in northern Michigan! We’ve had several summery days but today it’s gray again. Your colorful pops are good for the eye and mind!I agree it is a very difficult time of year. We are ready to be done with it, but it always drags on too long.
    I lived in Chicgo in 78-79 across from the entrance to the Lincoln Park Zoo! I’ll take your 40…as I will be 55 this March! Ugh!!
    Your mother’s home project sounds like fun!

  9. oh weather…crazy how it affects us! Here on the west coast we are grey one day rain for 40! then some sun…oh sun ..yes we are waiting for it!
    Thanks for all the spring inspiration tho!
    Your pictures are wonderful!
    Thanks too for the link to the “mug” holder..I may have to hit amazon up for that!
    Here’s to warmer days!

  10. I’m an Illinois girl too, so I know what you mean about the gray days. And this winter has been really mild. We are taking a little trip in the south now and just drinking in the green grass,blooming pansies, and the sun! Spring will come! Will you be at the Kane County Flea each month? I AM going to make a trip up there this year!!!!

  11. Where did you find that AMAZING faucet? Ive been looking for one just like it!

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