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Questions answered….

Love the questions and thank you all to who asked them! If I didn’t answer your question here, feel free to ask me!
Bec4 askedDo you completely sand a piece of furniture before painting or do you use primer? I hate sanding, but get worried that if I don’t sand thoroughly, paint will peel off in layers. Thanks!

If I am painting, I don’t take off all of the old paint if the undercoat is well adhered. I am a safety freak and wear goggles, a dust mask and I do check previously painted surfaces with a lead check kit if there are any questions. I mostly do a “scratch coat” with 80 grit sandpaper and I wet sand to minimize dust. As long as the surface is smooth and there are no peeling layers, there is no reason to totally take off of the old paint. In fact I think most older paints are harder than the newer ones.

I then prime with an environmentally friendly water-based primer such as Benjamin Moore’s , and once that sets, I paint away.

A little tip is that paint fully cures in 30 days and is most susceptible to dings and scratches in that time.

Penny asked….I love this! Ok, you know I paint furniture….but I always have a problem with the tops of tables after I paint. Say, I am painting an end table or coffee table. After painting and letting it dry for at least a week, I will set a lamp on top. The next week, I move the lamp to dust and there are marks on the table top! So how do you finish the tops of tables so that they are usable?

I finish every piece with two to five coats of Polyacyclic after painting. It hardens into a plastic coating on the top of the furniture to protect the surface, unlike a paste wax; which will always stay a little soft, or wears away with use. The more humid the environment, the softer it stays. I actually almost never use paste wax unless I need a super shiny finish coat, otherwise I use Minwax polyacrylic most of the time. The spray kind is really user friendly. I will tell you to use the kind of safety googles ( and a mask!) that leave marks on your face when you spray it ( not the “glasses kind”). It really burns for a long time when you get it in your eyes. Believe me.

*As a side note. (Stinky)Paste wax was really formulated for the care of bare/stained varnished wood. It’s meant to be protective, moisturizing and absorbed. If good wood furniture dries out over time the wood will split and wood veneer will peel and crack. So, that faux oak laminate TV stand does not ever need paste wax. Even painted surfaces don’t really need it, but I will use it occasionally over black paint. I don’t know why, but black paint really looks it’s best when it’s waxed. Oh.. and never use stuff like those spray on dusting products on real wood. They are not real wax, and over time, it’s like rubbing a straight candle on your your tables.

Greta asked…could you please tell me the exact paint name and color you use for the black cabinet and all your cream furniture. It is exactly what I am looking for but my items usually turn shiny and there are always brush lines in them. I want to prove to my husband I can do it…He bought an ugly..real ugly oversized oak tv cabinet and I want to paint it black. Thanks ahead of time for all your help.

You can do it!!!!

I used Benjamin Moore in Jet black and Rich Cream. I also use an eggshell paint finish, it blends much better as along as you don’t over roll it… and yes I said roll. I only use a brush for hard to reach places. Otherwise I use a small white, dense foam roller for every surface. If you want a shinier finish get your poly in a different sheen, not your paint.

To darken my creams I go over them with glaze or stain.

Anonymous wanted to know…I need a large tray for my ottoman and I think I’ll try your (picture frame into a tray) idea. How did you attach the felt to the back of the frame? Glue? Did you put glue all over the back or just around the edges?

I spread tacky glue all over the back and then hot glued the edges.

And finally, I had quite a few people ask me after my doodling what kind of pen I use. Well….. I used to use Versacolor fine tip markers,some really expensive fine line art pens, and fine tip calligraphy pens; but, after going through so many because they kept drying out or clogging, I actually just use a fine tip Sharpie now when the mood strikes me! Those seem to last forever!

Thanks again!

And thank you to all of our people who have served or are in the armed forces this Veteran’s Day.


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