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Quick Virginia recap..

This is the beginning of the trip.. see how fresh and happy I look?

I did NOT look like this two and a half hours later.

There were some really cool sites a long the way that just begged for a picture.

We went into Pittsburgh, Pa one day,

and coming from Illinois, the flattest part of the country, it amazed me how everything functioned with all of the ups and downs.

We hit the AWESOME children’s museum while we were there and they have a great Mr. Roger’s exhibit.

On the trip back, we made an unplanned stop in Ohio at the North Market. This is the kind of place that Food Network dreams are made of.
It’s a square market in a historic building that has everything from Thai food to Greek food.
We made sure we had ice cream from here.It was some of the most amazing ice cream I’ve ever had. Make sure you read some of the flavors.

I had the Celery. It was pretty good. My little one had lemon and blueberry, it was like some one took a cheesecake and put it on a cone.. IT. WAS. THAT. GOOD. The backyard mint was a bit of awesome minty goodness too….

There were also amazing chocolates.

And tons of other culinary experiences. If you are two hours from Columbus or less, I’d definitely recommend a day trip there.
Traveling like this reminded me there is so much to see besides my own backyard, only hours away.

Speaking of backyards, were we stayed was twenty minutes from any kind of civilization what so ever.. If you’re a barn lover, I ‘ll show you this amazing barn my next post. Here’s a peek..
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