Quiet Sunday morning….

I just love it when I am up early and the neighborhood is still quiet and the kids are still in bed. It give me time to walk around my garden and take  a few minutes before the hustle and bustle of the day.
 I am not a manicured gardener. I love things to be a little wild and practice interplanting.  I like to let nature do it thing. I think there is a benefit to healthy garden diversity. 
I have a lot of native flowers and when I walk around  in the morning, it smells with the sweetness of the meadow.
 A few years ago this tall yellow flower appeared in my yard on it’s own. It’s an Evening Primrose and considered a prairie wild flower here. It grows about 5 feet tall and  freely self-sows.
 Every year I get  a few more in different places. The nice thing about it is if it grows in any area I don’t want, it gets tall enough and obvious enough to just pull it.
  The other thing I found is it makes a great trap crop. The Japanese beetles LOVE it. They hide in the leaves, have “dates” all over the pace, eat the flowers and poop all over it in joy.
  It sounds completely gross, but it means for the most part they are not doing it on my raspberries. They are so concentrated there it makes it so much easier to go out every night with my soapy water and do some “population control.”

 Any one want any pineapple mint? It’s beautiful and sweet when flowering and the bees adore it, but I had to do some voracious pulling this year.
I never knew coneflowers had any scent, but when I brought some in the house I noticed that they have the sweetest honey smell. They are  a new favorite summer cutting flower for me for fragrance alone. It makes my house smell like the prairie.
 This cute, little guy popped up on my deck in a crack.
 And my Zinnia’s are finally coming up. It’s one of my absolute favorite cutting flowers.
 and with all of the rain, the Wisteria has been going bonkers, but it looks so green and lush.
 Okay, here’s a secret. I eat almost anything, really…. But I can’t stand radishes.
 They do make great companion plants for my cucumbers though, so I let them go to seed and pull them. I read about using radish as a late fall cover crop to feed the soil. I might try it this year in some of my more depleted beds.
 My eggplants are finally setting some fruit. I can’t wait until they get big enough the bread and fry!
 The morning dew as gorgeous this morning. It looked like everything was coated in glitter.
The  Fall Gold raspberries are mostly beetle free and are soon going to be ready to pick. I might have to fight off the ants though for them. Or the kids.
 And the Sun Gold cherry tomatoes have been like candy. We’ve been eating them straight off of the vine and in different salads. I need to plant 2 next year to keep up with us.
I hope you have a restful Sunday!
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  1. I loved your garden tour! So lovely. And these are my favorite kinds of gardens too- the ones that mimic nature.

  2. thank you for sharing your quiet sunday morning.. I just love those! your garden photos are amazing, love the coneflowers!

  3. I prefer a wild, random garden myself so I love looking at yours. We have tons of evening primrose and you are right — they come up anywhere after they’ve been planted once but they transplant beautifully.

    And I’m crazy about coneflowers — have many but I didn’t know they had a scent so I must check that out — it makes sense that they smell of honey — mine are always busy with bees and butterflies.

  4. Hi Jen!
    I also live in the chicago suburbs and I am an amatuer gardener. I’m finding those beetles on my strawberry plant. any suggestions to keep them off??



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