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Ranch house remodeling ideas on a budget

We are currently updating a downstairs bathroom, and I was looking back through old photos and found some from

 the renovations we had to do a few years ago on a  property we owned, and wanted to  share some ranch house remodeling ideas with you.

I was looking back through the photos and it still amazes me what we were able to accomplish on a budget. It’s amazing what paint and cosmetic updates can accomplish!

Ranch house remodeling ideas on a budget

The rehab was spread out over several posts and I thought I  would share a few of the dramatic differences with you and some of our ranch house remodeling ideas with you.

In the living room, there was a brown paint previously on the walls.

It made the good size 16 x 20 room look really dark and dingy. We painted everything White Dove by Benjamin Moore. The white paint instantly cleaned and brightened everything up!

dramatic ranch remodel on a budget with paint

We replaced the flooring with a laminate,then we actually added vintage french doors as a stationary wall to the over sized opening to the kitchen.

dramamtic budget ranch remodel with new floors and paint. Great ranch house remodeling idea for a too open space

It as really hard to place furniture there and it gave us so many more options

by making a wall, but still gave us a lot of light.

dramatic ranch remodel on a budget

Sometimes I just cant get over what a difference paint makes!

Ranch remodel on a budget

In the kitchen there were old oak cabinets and a gross,dinged up ceramic floor. It was probably really nice when it was first put in, but the years can sometimes take their toll on ceramic.

dramatic ranch remodel on a budget with paint

This is the view from the living room looking in. We removed that bank of cabinets that made the kitchen look small and cluttered.

ranch remodel idea with white paint and stationary french doors

By removing the cabinets, it made way for a nice size table and a pretty hutch with better storage.

small ranch with oak cabinets before remodel and paint

The kitchen itself was a really nice eat in size. It just really needed updating. We painted the cabinets,added trim and added a new counter top.

I think just painting the cabinets made all of the difference in the world!

Painted oak cabinets and a new counter top give this kitchen a nice update in this ranch remodel

It doesn’t even seem like the same kitchen!

In the small guest bathroom, I am only going to say one thing. There is a time and a place for stripes and this is not it.

Go home stripes. You drunk.

Small bathroom make over before

Any-hoo, fresh paint was the first thing on the agenda.

Small bathroom redmodel on a budget with paint

The floor was actually completely damaged by nail polish, so we opted to paint it.

Small bathroom remodel on a budget

The original vanity was oak and in really great shape, as was the counter top, so we decided to keep those, paint and replace the tile around the vanity top.

Light fixtures and mirrors make a huge difference in small bath make overs

Small bathroom remodel on a budget with tile above vanity

It doesn’t even seem like the same top or vanity.

DSC_0318 (2)

 Almost every update really happened by adding a few architectural things here and there and mostly paint! Those little things can make a huge difference!Jen signature


  1. “Go home stripes. You drunk.” I think this will crack me up at random moments for several weeks. (And the updates look beautiful too!)

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