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Reaching Toward a Dream with Main Street Mission Grants

I’ve decided to open a retail store with a studio. And I need your help by voting for me for a Main Street Mission Grant.

Jennifer Rizzo Design Company

I never thought  that I would ever get to this point. When I started blogging 8 years ago, I had a dream I might write a book someday, but I ever expected it to really come true. It was just out there floating in the nether-sphere  in the “might be” of “one day”.

I’ve always had some secret, sometimes silly dreams. Like being an actress and appearing on Saturday Night Live (my monologue is killer.), or singing on my own album of Christmas songs, or, the best fantasy is where Reese Witherspoon (or Kristen Bell) tells me she wants to play me in the story about my struggle to fame on Lifetime in a made for TV movie, and Bradley Cooper is going to play my husband.  Those are the  stories in my head that I get lost in while stare out the window washing dishes, or swirl around in my brain just before I feel asleep at night, because those kinds of dreams never come true, right?

Christmas display at a flea market booth with lights

So for quite a while now, quietly in my heart,I’ve had a few other dreams that are a bit more realistic as I have slowly built my business with wholesaling product, interior design,product design and retail shows over the last almost 8 years. Now that I’ve actually written a book and had it published,and am working on a second and a third, there is  a small voice that says maybe there are some other things can happen too. Maybe those can be real. Even though I am still holding out for the SNL thing and the Lifetime movie, I’ve been now standing at the window thinking about how I would love to design home decor products for a larger company, and how I would love to have my own store with a studio where I could actually write and photograph my books and design my products and then sell them, and go to a next level.I have been craving so much more with my professional life and my family and even my community. But, like everyone else, there are hurdles. Our hurdle has never been the lack of enthusiasm or the determination. Ours has always been the cash to make things happen.

So, feeling a bit of a nudge, I’ve applied for the chance to win a $100,000 business grant ny Main Street Mission Grants and I need 250 votes to be eligible for consideration.

I almost have 200 votes and I just need at least 50 more. I am so honored at everyone who has already voted. It actually made me a little teary-eyed. The support is amazing and how many of you have told me you would love to see me have a retail store. It’s really validating.

I would love it if you could help me reach the next 50-60 votes I need to have a chance.

You can click here,

Main Street Mission Grants-Jennifer Rizzo Design Company

It will ask you to log in through Facebook but will not store your information. It’s through Chase bank and Linked In through the #missionmainstreetgrants.

It might not be meant to be, but at least I’ve tried.  And, then if it does happens, maybe SNL isn’t so far out of reach either.

Thank you so much!

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  1. I just voted and it was quick and easy and Facebook didn’t share/post, etc my information. I would vote 100 times if I could. Good luck to you, Jen. Love your blog and wish you much success!

  2. Jennifer I can’t think of anyone more deserving and inspiring as you have been and continue to be, I don’t have Facebook and can’t help vote, but I know you will get your additional signatures. I hope to hear in your next blog how you have won – whoo hoo

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