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Ready to build….

Well, here is the “before” of our space! That blue desk tucked back in the corner has been my work area for the last few months. I’ve been finding that as my wholesaling has been increasing; I need a spot to have everything constantly out, and way more storage.
The width between the end of the sliding door and the back wall is actually 7 extra feet. We were blessed with a small bump out in our small split level as you can see here. If we had a bigger house (someday!) I would turn an extra dining room or living room into a studio/work space, but alas, even though it’s not big, we at least have the blessing of a nice home.   Though, one thing I have learned about living in a little house is you really have to make your space work for you. Right now we don’t need a sitting area as much as I need a place to  work . It’s all about creative cramming. 🙂
Plenty of room for a small office or studio space! The book case part is actually going to  come out about 5-6 feet from the wall, like a small divider, and the shelving part is going to be on my side for storage and the other side will look like a wall… And as I am getting geared up for my spring line, I am going to need it! Right now I have planned to take it up just past the top of the top of the slider; but not all the way to the ceiling to block the light we do get from the window. I would love to find a skinny, vintage window panel to hang in the ceiling above it. How cool would that look? Because even though we are building bookshelves, well, they have to be pretty.  My Mother-in-law told me when they needed bookshelves in the 60’s they would take cinder blocks and put planked boards across them and then stack them. You gotta give props for creativity. I am not even dreading the building part. It’s actually the painting. I hate painting bookshelves, but it will be well worth it.
Hopefully all will go as planned and I’ll have  some new shelving to show you next week! Can you tell I am really, really excited??
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  1. Pretty room! We have built ins in our living room and I couldn’t live without them! You will love having additional storage! Can’t wait to see the progress…

  2. Your home is very pretty and the work area sounds like it will be lovely. I would like to add bookcases to our living room. We have a blank wall in there and only use the room as a sitting area/reading room as it is.

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