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Real women eat potatoes….

Grown in her garden,
dug from the earth,
 covered in dirt,
 as big as her hand,
 and washed, cut, and tossed in olive oil and onion powder and then 
roasted in a shallow pan at 400 degrees,
for 30-45 minutes, turning a few times, then sprinkled with sea salt so that they have a creamy warm inside, and a salty, crispy outside.
forget the carbs!
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  1. Wonderful that you grow your own potatoes! Homegrown vegetables are the best! I love being able to go out to the garden, pick something and then eat it. Your recipe sounds so tasty!

  2. Your potatoes look wonderful! I cannot wait to start my fall garden. I have been enjoying looking at all of your before & after projects. Your home is absolutely lovely! Thank you for stopping by my blog Jennifer 🙂

  3. I am with you! Real women DO eat potatoes! They look delicious too. I love potatoes. Thanks for such a delightful post.

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