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Religious Imagery in Decorating

Raised as a  Roman Catholic, I have always had a fondness for religious imagery in decorating and I certainly know how to appreciate a good Mass card or two. I think for me there is something about it that not only can be beautiful, but gives me comfort….My Grandmother’s house was religious art floor to ceiling and had everything from a picture of the Pope who’s eyes followed you around the room no matter whether you moved, to an Infant Jesus of Prague. I hold several family heirlooms with religious imagery near and dear to my hear like this framed version of my grandparents marriage blessing for their 25th wedding anniversary.
Pope blessing picture


My grandmother always had thisHUGE (5 x 7 FEET) picture of Jesus knocking on the door to your heart. When I was little, I always thought if I were allowed to climb up on her buffet, that I would be able to climb into it, it was THAT big. My cousin now has it. It’s a beautiful picture.
Jesus knocking on the door to your heart picture


And this plaster framed picture of the Last Supper hung in her dining room and it’s now in mine. It is still in great shape, and I love having it in my home. The colors are still gorgeous on it, and it has a beautiful vintage feel. That’s probably because it’s over 100 years old. The frame is still in amazing shape too.
Plaster framed last supper art


I noticed at The Farm Chicks, a lot of vendors were featuring beautiful religious images in their art. I adore this necklace.
handmde necklace with vintage images


This necklace that Jackie bought from Lisa Souers is amazing. I wish I had seen it first. Thank you for the picture Jackie!



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