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My father was a veteran from the Vietnam war.

Veteran’s Day always has a different meaning for me.
My father served in the army, survived a helicopter crash, won an award for saving the life another solider form a rice paddy, and then returned home to start a family and live his life; he passed away on Veteran’s Day  13 years ago during surgery.
While we are reflective and  thankful for the service they’ve given, they truly have made a sacrifice. Any one who has grown up with a veteran in their home knows that nothing is the same for them after they go home and live the rest of their lives. War is a traumatic thing that changes people forever.
In saying that I truly say thank you to our Veteran’s for  keeping us safe. For all of the war controversy, those men and women are making huge sacrifices of their entire lives.
Thank you.
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  1. Beautifully said. I think it was an honor that he passed away on Veteran’s Day.
    No matter our own personal views on war and the military…we should always keep in mind that our veterans do keep us safe…and for that, we should remember them.

    have a wonderful weekend ~

  2. Thank you to your Dad for his service. One thing we learned from the Vietnam War is to thank and respect the soldiers for their sacrifice and service. Sadly, that wasn’t often done at the time because of the opposition to the war.

  3. Beautiful memorial. My dad and his brothers were in the Army, only one brother died during the War in the Navy off the coast of Ireland. We owe these men and women so much that words hardly cover it, thank you for reminding us of their courage!

  4. So amazing. So amazing.

    Isn’t it incredible to think about how the “little’ things, are truly BIG things? How you wouldn’t have been here if he hadn’t been protected in that helicopter crash?

    Thankful for his service. And I’m sure he’s pals with my Grandfather who survived Iwo Jim and Guadacanal, and {me}.

    Happy Veterans Day

  5. Please know that so many people honor men like your Dad for what he did!

    My Grandfather (who was more like a Dad to me as a kid) was also a veteran of Vietnam and Korea. He passed away in 2005.

    Thank You for posting such a personal loving post on Veterans Day.

  6. I am so sorry for the loss of your dad and also so grateful for his valor and honorable service to our country.
    I am honored to work with many veterans in their homes where they are maybe more willing to “open up.” In the last few years I have definitely noticed more of them accepting my sincere “thank you for your service” and then sharing a bit about their own experience. Previously I often got a bit of a minimizing shrug and then a quick move along in conversation. Hopefully veterans feel more and more valued and respected.
    I can only hope that your father felt the same. Thank you for sharing.
    Be well,
    Lynn in DG

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