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Rocking DIY tassels and other blog stuff

I want to thank everyone for taking the blog survey I had yesterday. There were some issues with checking multiple choice answers and only one working (I am not sure why), but if you haven’t filled it out and want to , please just use the “other” section for a fill in answer.

I’ve been excited to see some of your answers and I hope it will help as I develop content for you this year!

Next week I have  a small living series planned, so if you are a bit space challenged,this is the post for you!

Some of you have asked what my plans are for this year. I have some big dreams and ideas.

One of them is to finally get my herniated disc issues in my neck resolved. I’ve already done the three steroid injections and they just aren’t quite doing it. So we’ll see what that happens in the few weeks. I’ll keep you posted!

I am going to be working on book number two as well!!! It’s exciting to have all kinds of new ideas swirling around in my head, and then trying to find things that are fresh. One of the reviews on Amazon broke my heart a little. It’s hard to have your “baby” criticized and I think sometimes people forget there’s a real person behind everything. It basically eluded to the fact you can find everything on Pinterest. Guess what, you CAN find EVERYTHING on Pinterest. In fact, Google it and it’s there.

There is nothing really new under the sun, but you can do it your way.

I mean, plaid (tartan) has been around for hundreds of years, but dang if Ralph Lauren doesn’t make it look hot!

In fact, when I was working on the last book back in October of 2014, pom poms were hot, but DIY tassels weren’t. I am happy to say that I am now seeing tassel every where so I did ok with that trend prediction! But, those aren’t totally new, right? But they feel fresh. That’s what I think counts.

Cute DIY  tassels and garland, so easy to make!

Speaking about going completely nuts,

The kids have been off the last few days due to the weather. Yesterday was -6. That’s NEGATIVE 6. I don’t even think that’s a real number. I think the weather people just made it up and laughed.

So, they had two weeks off for the holiday, I had Monday to myself (and it was delicious). On Tuesday, Middle spiked a 103 degree fever, sore throat and a headache which she had until last night, and then the other two monkeys were home from the cold weather cancellation trying to see who could tick the other off more.Holy cow. It was like they were trying to break me. I almost cracked yesterday, but luckily there were enough old Christmas cookies around to keep me sane.

Have a great weekend and stay warm!

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  1. don’t let the naysayers get you down! no, there’s nothing new under the sun, but having a book of collected ideas in a certain style is often better than sorting through pinterest. when i peruse pinterest i sometimes get so overwhelmed with all of the ideas and images that i end up UNinspired. the exact opposite reaction of what i wanted! love your ideas, love tassels, and love your style. keep your head up.

  2. While I know it is far easier to say this then do this, but ignore the negative crap. You are a gem keep on shining.

    Ps also I have to add this, I was looking for a Pom pom garland on etsy a bit okay and joked to my hubby that the Pom pom wreath I made 30 years ago is back!!! Who knew.


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