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secret agent woman….Christmas house tour photos

I have a few secret house walk pictures for you.
As you can tell, I didn’t go to jail…
But security was pretty tight.
Those ladies from the garden club can be a little rough when they want to be.
 My friend took a few pictures with her phone ( sorry they are a bit fuzzy.) of the Christmas house tour.
These houses were huge and gorgeous.
I can’t imagine the heating bills.

One little girls room was so big that they had a dolly tea party set up.

At this house they took an ordinary faux tree and tied the branches up to make a topiary shape. It was really clever.

This house was the most awesome. It was a historic home done entirely in a beach theme. They had these really cute topiaries made out of seashells. I know a few beach-loving blog friends who would love these.

And we only took this picture because it’s in the bathroom! The bathroom.. Do you see the size of the tree in the background? In the middle of the bathroom!
Thanks for coming along until next year when my covert operations resume!
🙂 Jen
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