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Seven years of Christmas tree decorating

One of the fun things about being  a blogger is the time machine you get to create. I was starting on my decorating for the house walk in a few weeks and I started looking back over my old decorating and tress. It’s so funny how much it has not only changed, but how my style has changed all together over seven years of Christmas tree decorating!


2008 was the year of the big faux flowers and ribbon. You can also see where my girls put put their own decorations!


2009 was the year of the paper post cards and dove paper chain cut out of book pages. Book pages were HOT then.

Holiday decor on mirror tree in refelction

For some reason in 2010, I didn’t consider me tree important enough to take an entire picture of. I can’t find one any where, so I guess this is all you get! Totally wierdo, I don’t know what I was thinking!

Christmas living room decorated

2011 was the first year I ran the house walk.

It was so exciting to get all of these bloggers together and see how every one has decorated their homes!

Fun snowball tree

2012 was the year of the snowball tree. I was really into pom poms that year. I had pom pom mania in fact.

jen tree 1

and last year, 2013,was the year of the vintage Shiny Brites.

It is funny how much it has changed! It’s kind of fun. I have a few ideas swirling around this year to do something different than I normally do, but I ma not sure yet. This year I get to have two trees too. We have a smaller one for the kids stuff downstairs, so I am excited to have a tree to myself. 🙂

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  1. How fun to look back and see the evolution of your trees. I don’t think I have pictures of my trees through the years. Digital photography certainly makes that easier these days! Thanks for sharing all of your trees!

  2. So beautiful, and what a nice way to go back and see what you have created and decorated in your home. I look forward to that with my blog. Your style is elegant yet not fussy. So lovely!

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