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Share it Saturday….Alice Wingerden…

I love the idea of sharing, lifting each other up and celebrating with each other. The nice thing about blogging is it’s all digital. There is enough room for everyone and success is what you make it!Today I want to share a blog I just love called Thoughts from Alice.

Alive Wingerden

I absolutely love her photography and the way she styles all  of her shots. I love modern things and I love vintage things and her blog definitely feeds my vintage-love side. Alice managed to balance all of her creativity with amazing photography.

Thoughts from Alice

I loved her post on how she embraces living in an older home

Embracing living in an older home by Alice W.

And just reading her blog and looking at her photos I think it’s like looking at art.

Alvie W vintage christmas porchI think she must bleed creativity and I just want to see more!

I hope you’ll stop by and visit Alice and see more of her beautiful vintage style.

And I hope you’ll join in every week on #ShareitSaturday on your own blog! And even if you can’t do it every week, just join in when you can. I hope to do it every week, but you know how life gets!

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  1. Love this Jennifer and I could not agree more! LOVE supporting each other.And I know who I am going to share…I am so excited!

  2. What a great idea Jennifer! I will certainly enjoy reading Alice’s post as I am sure there will be much in common. She is a very talented lady such as yourself. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Jen I love it! For the past two months I have been showcasing blogs I love by inviting the writers to share their 5 Favorite things. It can be anything and it’s every Friday. It truly is a win win situation.

    I’d love to have you be featured with your favorite 5 and I will be back tomorrow. 🙂

  4. Love this idea and agree with you
    lifting each other up and supporting what we Love
    seems like it should be our natural desire
    thrilled to join in on Saturday

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more about sharing. That’s why I named my link party ‘Share Your Cup’. It’s all about sharing the things that make us happy. I truly believe that by sharing we help to make others happy. I will be back next week to share someones blog. I have heard of Alice’s blog, but am not that familiar with her. Hopping over to say ‘hi’.

  6. I love this idea. I like to share links to other bloggers projects, etc. I don’t currently post on Saturday’s, but this would be an opportunity to do so. Headed over to check out Alice’s blog. Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi Jen,
    I visit Alice and signed up for her blog because she has the kind of feelings about old houses that I do. I applaud your sense of sharing with each other and I hope, someday, to be included.

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