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Show us Friday…my favorite flea market find…

My favorite find from last weekend was this old drawer. It was in Martha’s booth. I wish I had bought the other one too. I think it’s perfect for holding some of my art supplies or stamps.
 Not only does it have this great patina,
 But i love the original metal hardware.
What is your favorite flea market find? Do you have something that you’ve made over or do you love it just the way it is?

*** next friday- my painted project! Show off what you’ve been painting!***

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  1. Well, I did something wrong because it links back to your blog. :0 But my find is there! Two awesome crates I bought with the paper labels still in great shape. Inches of dirt on the wood but beautiful colors still on the labels. Love them!!

  2. I just got a drawer recently, too, Jen. Not from a flea market but off Etsy! An old sewing drawer that I’ve been wanting to hold some of my trims and lace. I was so sure I was going to paint it white, but I’m kind of liking it the way it is right now, so we’ll see. I love the drawer you found. I think they are a great way to store things.

  3. Okay, kind of feeling like a dork here, but the linky won’t let me delete my linked post. I thought it could be anything, so it’s fake vintage instead of a real flea market find. Sorry! BTW, loving that drawer! I am always buying one of something and then wishing I had bought it’s match, or 3 of a kind. When will I learn? 🙂 Happy Weekend!

  4. The drawer is wonderful..I especially love the metal hardware for inserting labels…Yes, don’t we all say, I shoulda got another one….or I shoulda bought that item I passed by and thought about a dozen times….

    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day…

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