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Show your boy’s room linky party…

Welcome to the boy’s room bash!
Last week was  girl’s rooms; now this week is the guy’s turn. Let’s see those cute, fun, rugged boy’s rooms. It’s all pink at my house, but I can share a mountain-scape room mural I did once, way back when I was doing my mural business. The parent’s who are friends of mine loved the Rocky mountains.
I have to warn you though, the picture is pretty old and not that clear, but I stumbled across it the other day. I think it was taken with a disposable film camera in 2003, way before I even knew what blogging was.
That little guy is HUGE now.

How fast time goes… That was two kids ago for me 🙂
So let’s see those boy’s rooms! The only rules are: You must link your blog post directly so party goers can find it long after the party is over and
You have to link back to this post directly so everyone can find the party. Using an old post is fine as long as you amend it. 🙂
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  1. Thank you so much for hosting a great party! I really appreciate the time you took to do so!

  2. Oh my gosh Jennifer, that mural must have taken you FOREVER! It’s a work of art.

    Thanks so much for hosting this!

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