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A sink full of serendipity….

Normally I’d be upset when I have to spend unplanned money, but when it involves a new kitchen faucet because the old handle casing disintegrates and no replacement part is to be found, well… I try not to be too upset!

And see those old oak cabinets…? The paint is ordered! hopefully on it’s way, and guess what… it’s not white. Can you guess what color I am going to do? ๐Ÿ™‚
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  1. I’m going to say grey. You have the same oak cabinets that I’m dealing with. I did a test run on an extra cabinet door we had and I can tell you that the heavy grain in the oak causes a problem. I got the paint nice and smooth, no brush mark, but the grain is visible and ugly. If you have a solution I’d love if you can share. I’m thinking that a really good THICK primer night even the surface out.

    I’ll be following along.

  2. Black! I just painted my oak cabinets a creamy color and it made SUCH a difference in my kitchen! Painted my island red and I am in the process of SPRAY PANITING my laminete countertops black. (So far so good)

    Can’t wait to see yours!

    LOVE the faucet!

    Lou Cinda ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Im thinkin a greyish too (arent we all?!) A distressed black would be killer too though….
    What fun! Yay for you on the new faucet ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Beautiful faucet! Looking forward to seeing how your kitchen transformation plays out…I know you’ll do it in style. Have a great holiday weekend.

  5. I did my bottom cabinets a grey-green, tops white-ish and love the way it turned out. Of course, now I’m moving within a month and may just get to do it all over again!

  6. Lovely, decorative and useful faucet. I’m getting ready to buy something similar for my half bath in the farm office.

  7. Hi Jen, I have a very similar faucet, that has just one handle for water temps, but the same shape and size. really love it, and I’ll be watching for your new paint. it will be great inspiration!

  8. Love the faucet, Jen! Serendipity, indeed : ) I’m going to guess a greyish green or blue, only because that’s what I would do! Looking forward to seeing the results. Happy Independence Day! xx Suzanne

  9. Are you sure you didn’t break that faucet casing…… really..
    The new ones are beautiful.
    Can’t wait to see the new cabinet colour

  10. Hi Jennifer, Love your blog! I am a new follower of yours…looking forwared to your blogs. Keep up the wonderful work.

  11. Hey girl, Painting kitchen cabs (and glazing them to look “all cool”) is what my hubby does for a living. In fact I have a client coming in a half hour to view our showroom (read:kitchen LOL) If you have any questions give me a call.
    I say… teal!

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