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Slight changes and catching up

Hi everyone.I thought we would do a little catching up. I am playing with a slightly new layout, and you’ll be happy to know I’ve also gotten rid of some ads.

I think the rules of blogging change as much as my living room does:

Jennifer Rizzo house

Living room with a colorful and collected feel

I mean kind of crazy how style and everything evolves? I’ve noticed everything in my life is leaning to cleaner and simpler. I honestly thing it’s because as the kids get older, I am finding life less busy, but more complicated. Let me tell you what, with these three girls entering their pre-teen and teenage years  I am going to have to invest in a lot of cookies. Because every night I find myself elbow deep in a box of sandwich creams. It’s a good thing I walk a few miles every morning, or I would be 500 pounds. I am not kidding you guys. The bickering makes me crazy.Fighting over socks and t shirt. I never had sisters, so I don’t get it, but I understand it can be pretty volatile.

It’s hard sometime to keep up with all of the  changes. I remember blogging before it was a business.

Those were the days. *sigh*

At home we are finally  starting work on the downstairs bathroom. It will be so nice to have two fully functional bathrooms again. It’s funny how no one wants to go in the creepy basement one.

We’ve also been going through stuff and just donating piles of it like crazy. I am a mad woman! I just want things organized.

And I’ve been doing Fall planting, and Fall painting. My real job has me in a holding pattern, so I’ve been trying to beef up my Society 6 shop and I am still considering a retail location, but that is all according to God’s plans, so we’ll see!

Art of Home has launched and it is just awesome! Last week I shared garden planning for Fall into the next Summer, and there were videos on canning and baking. This week is all about gathering. I share a pretty fab cocktail and other teachers share other really fun recipes and ideas!

You can still join in on the party if you’ve been waiting!

I hope you are having a nice Fall. The weather here has finally hit the mid 70’s and is sunny, so it makes for a beautiful season. What are your big Fall plans? Are you nesting like crazy?

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  1. Jen, I grew up with 6 sisters and 2 brothers – talk about crazy! OY, I can remember the fighting (fingernails) and screaming “MOM!” many a time. They’ll be great friends some day, trust me. Love your set up in the LR with the two chairs in conversation!

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