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Sparkly Crocheted Doily Snowflake Garland

There is something so pretty about doilies. I find many of them are reminiscent of snowflakes with their intricate patterns. While many today are mass produced by machines, vintage doilies were either intricately tatted or crocheted with very thin cotton thread. The craftsmanship is so beautiful to look at. I had a collection on mostly new doilies that I wanted to put to use. I love the idea of the way some of them look almost snowflake-like to create something fun and festive. I made a sparkly crocheted doily snowflake garland and wanted to share with you how I made it.
Garland made from doilies


My craft store has a bin they have all different sizes of doilies for a dollar or two each. I felt better using new doilies than vintage old ones. To make this project you’ll need:
Cotton doilies of various designs and sizes
White craft glue
Paint brush
Wax paper
Doily garland made for Chiristmas

I picked up 6 in different sizes to create my garland.

glitter and glue for a doily

The I grabbed my crystal glitter, white craft glue and a brush. I find fine glitter gives a better sparkle, but chunky glitter could also give a fun, frozen look.
Brush glue on a cotton doily

Brush the glue on the doily, covering the entire surface. Once the surface is covered, it’s time to add the sparkle to the doily.

Sprinkle glitter on a doily

Sprinkle glitter over the entire doily. It helps to place it over a piece of paper so the excess glitter can be saved and poured back into the bottle. I put a small crease in the end of the paper I was glittering over and poured back the extra glitter for a future project. If you love glitter crafts check out how to make a glittery snowball.

Pour extra glitter back into the bottle

Let the doilies dry flat on a piece of wax paper before hanging.

Sparkle on a doily garland

Once the glittered doilies were dry, I just stung twine in the holes at the top of each “snowflake”, The craft glue makes them a little stiff so they are easy to string on and they hold their shape really well.

Crocheted doily with glitter

I then tied  a loop in each end and hung it up on my faux mantle.

Sparkly crocheted doily banner on a faux mantel

It’s super cute and so pretty when it catches the light. It was a pretty quick project to do too. I love how it can be left up through most of the winter as well. Just keep out of reach of pets or small children and away from heat or flame.



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  1. This is darling, Jennifer! Having all thumbs, I still think I could make it. I have to check my JoAnn’s. The glitter makes them so pretty!

    Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!!


  2. What a creative and lovely garland. Love that you can use this through the winter and not just at Christmas.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Blessings to you. Amy

  3. It’s all sooooo lovely, but omg, I love the glittered doilies! You are a genius! That is definitely a Christmas-break project I can do! Thank you!

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