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A bit of sprucing up around here

You may have noticed, I am sprucing up a little and I have a new header!! I decided it was time to freshen things up a little bit around here, and bring in some color, and some new things for 2017!I also had a few questions I wanted to ask you! Your opinion matters here!

Right now, my side bar is on the left. Do you prefer left or right sidebars when you visit blogs?

My other question is what do you like to visit here for? What would you like to see more or less of?

I know many of you would like to see less ads, so let me address the ad thing.

I know many of you find them irritating. I have talked to my add network about decreasing them, but unfortunately there is a minimum amount need to have. For me, running the blog starts at about $150-$200 a month, some months it’s a little more, and months like January and February are low revenue months. That also doesn’t include any supplies for projects. I would get rid of them if I could, but they are a necessary evil, otherwise I can’t keep it going. Maybe some day in the future, blogs will end up being subscription based like magazines, so they won’t be as needed. But even channels you pay for on TV like premium cable has commercials, and magazines still do too. Remember when cable was commercial free? Those were the good old days.

What I can tell you, is to go into your settings  on your phone, and on your desktop or tablet and set itso you don’t see pop ups/block them. Google is going to start cracking down hard on site  a with pop ups and rank them lower, so you will probably start to see less of them anyway. What that does mean, is you will probably see more between image ads. Here’s a great article from Miss Mustard Seed about ads and why we need them.

My final question to you is, if you could go to a store and buy anything from me, what would it be? What products would you be interested in?

Also do you have any questions for me?? I would love to do a blog post answering them!

Thank you guys so much for your time!!

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  1. Jennifer, your new header is nice! Can I ask you, how did you do your header?? That’d be a good post sometime! I’m on Blogger and maybe I need to move to a new platform??
    Thank you,
    Barb 🙂

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