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Strawberry weekend…

It’s one of the last weekends here for the awesomeness of locally grown strawberries; so I am making freezer jam and strawberry syrup all weekend.
Freezer jam is super easy. There’s a recipe right in the sure-jell box for quick and easy jam. It’s as simple as mashing the fruit, adding the sugar and cooked pectin, putting it in the jars and freezing it. Yep, right in the glass  jars. No plastic, no real canning required! There is nothing like the flavor of fresh strawberries on your toast in the middle of December, or pouring yummy syrup on everything. And guess what, no fake red colorings or dyes and real strawberry flavor!
You can visit this post here if you are interested in the recipe for syrup from last year.
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  1. Oh yum!
    I have always loved the taste of freezer jam but never attempted it, even though I had heard it was so easy.
    Thanks for the encouragement and the recipe..Im going to check it out!
    Have a great week!

    Deborah xoxo

  2. jen our season was over here days ago due to the cold & rainy spring. i was so bummed we missed it, the kids and i go every year and i make jam & i made the syrup last summer. have fun! susan

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