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Summer book club 2016!

I want to thank everyone who commented, sent me e-mails and reached out to me on Facebook. I am honored you would share your heart with me , that many of you are feeling very similar to how I am feeling. It meant so much to me. I also appreciate those of you who have been where are are too and have shared your wisdom. I think sometimes we put on a brave face and suck it up, thinking we are the only ones, in reality, we have a thousand sisters and brothers who are walking on the same road. After thinking about it, and reading about how much you love to read as much as I do, and how much many of you need a little something for yourself,I thought I would start a summer book club 2016!

Year of wonders summer book club pick

We’ll read from now until June 30th, so you have something to bring to the pool, or or dive into on a warm, summer day. This is something just for you. Time that you can allow yourself to take a moment  and travel to another place. We deserve it.

I do need to ask a quick favor of you before we get into the book club info. If you have my holiday book and loved it, do you mind taking a second and leaving an honest, and nice review for me on Amazon? If I can get so many reviews it bumps me up into another category and will be seen a little more, and Amazon itself will promote it a little more next fall. That would be a huge help to me. If I could get 75+ reviews,it puts me in a new category.If you have a book  of you own you would like me to leave a review on for you, please leave it in the comments. I am happy to jump over there for you too. Thank you  so much to everyone who has already reviewed! I really appreciate it! And thank you in advance for popping over and leaving one!!

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Back to the book club goodness.

June 30th, I’ll not only post here,I’ll start a comment discussion on my business Facebook page. I will also do a live periscope chat so we can really explore different parts and have  bit of a conversation on it over coffee at 10 am Central time. I’ll remind you as we get closer.

And I’ll do a weekly post after a few chapters, I’ll put it in the chapters so if you haven’t read that far, there won’t be any spoilers for you, so you can skip that post.

So after going through a ton of books and reviews, I’ve decided to jump into this books as our first one.

Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague

Now, just to warn you, it is about the plaque in England, I know right? Not the cheeriest of topics or lightest of reading. But, it really sounded like something to sink my “reading teeth” into. I tend to like all kinds of books. Sometimes I like a light read, and sometimes I like to get those books that make me snot and cry on the airplane and make the person next to me wonder what is wrong with me. 🙂

We’ll do one more pick after that From June 30th to August 1st. So if the first book isn’t your cup of tea, please join us for the second book.

That book will be:

The Weekenders: A Novel

A bit of the polar opposite. Fun, right? Light, and have a fizzy drink by the pool kind of thing.

You can buy your book right through my links that click through to Amazon (contains affiliate links), or grab it at your library.

I am excited to start reading with you guys!

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  1. Check out Karen White’s “Long Time Gone,” and “The Sound of Glass.” Also “The Thirteenth Tale,” by Diane Setterfield. Wonderful word crafters, both!

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