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The Greatest Gift project….

My Friend, Laura, came up with an amazing idea for this holiday season.
It’s called the Greatest Gift Project, and it’s about how other people have touched our lives.We interact with each other every day. Some people in little ways, some people in big ways – but each of us impact each other. Wouldn’t it be powerful if we took the time to let people know the impact they have made in our lives, to let them know how they have changed us or our lives for the better.
greatest gift jars image 
It will feature different bloggers posting their letters tof gratitude.
I hope you will join us for this  amazing journey.
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  1. Oh Jennifer this is truly a lovely way to remember what the true joys of the season are.

    In the spirit of this project please, please visit my blog today. It is a very special post.

  2. A year and a half ago my husband passed away. My dear little granddaughter knew how heart-broken I was so one day she gave me a Joy Jar. It was a jar filled with different colored strips of paper and on each one she wrote something nice. One might have said “You don’t know how much I love you”, or “You are a flower in my heart”. Things like that, where, if I were feeling sad, I could reach into the Joy Jar and read something that might make me feel better. This reminds me of that.

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