The Oak house project…Choosing our flooring….a Vlog post!!!!

Hey everyone! I’ve decided to do my very first Vlog post!!! it was pretty fun! I loved doing it and being able to talk right to you and tell you everything we are doing! I hope to do more if you enjoy watching them. I hope the echo from the empty room isn’t too distracting.
 The flooring there is so crazy. There is a chipped white ceramic in the kitchen and peel-and-stick in the living room(don’t ask…sigh,,,,). We have been looking at our options and have decided on a laminate to go over both surfaces and match the original hardwood in the bedrooms.
So, here I am in living color in my “workin’ pants”!
 I hope you like it! 🙂

Vlog post The Oak House June 8th,2013 from Jennifer Rizzo on Vimeo.

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  1. You look great – but not sure if you know you have a couple of giant holes in your jeans!

    Seriously, lucky you to find hardwood under the carpet and glad you found a great match for the other rooms.

    Can’t wait to see the house in all it’s renovated glory!

  2. Jen, for those of us with limited Internet service due to where we live, a vlog uses up too much of our allotted Internet data that I can’t watch it. Just letting you know that some of us are struggling to keep up with the pop-up ads and streaming info already with our Internet allotment.

    One day, maybe, one day the big city services will come to my little corner of the world that is located 15 minutes from one of our country’s largest metroplex areas. Irony!


  3. Great job Jenn on your first VLOG post! I’d be a nervous wreck but you look like a pro and look great on camera!!! Can’t wait to watch the progress!~~Angela

  4. I loved seeing your vlog, Jennifer. You come across VERY well on camera and seem super at-ease and professional there. I’m looking forward to following your rental home remodel.

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