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Painted Doors Before and After

The doors are painted and the flooring is going in!  I really had my heart set on painting the inside of both doors black, but once I started I realized it was just too stark looking. It competed with the cabinets and just looked forced. Sometimes the house wants what the house wants. I did want some kind of color on them so I  tried some of the Sherwin Williams Useful Gray paint I had left over from bedroom number 2 .
How awesome is a grey door?!!
Grey back door
I love how it’s just a subtle difference against the wall, and has some contrast, but doesn’t really stand out as out of place.  It’s such a great color too. The walls are SW Alabaster which I think goes well with them.
Useful gray by Sherwin WIlliams
 I can’t wait to see how the floors warm up the space! They are a really pretty reddish oak color. The color of a well-aged floor.
As for the front door, I painted the back grey as well and settled on black for the outside.
So here’s one of the reason’s my Oldest told me I had no taste.
This is the door before. Prepped, ready to go and red. She really wanted me to keep the red door. When I told her I was going to paint it black she actually argued with me.This is where the insults came in and someone bought themselves an early bedtime.
Front door painted black with rustoleum flat
 While I appreciate her strong opinion, I love the black door. I would love it even more with less sass.
Then again, maybe I’ll be wrong and red will be the new black.
Interior door painted black
I so wish I had room to so this in my own house, but it’s still fun to do for the homeowners.
Vintage french doors used as dividers
Did I mention I want to put these in my own house?
We are almost down to  a punch list, but I feel guilty that my kids haven’t had much of a summer. We are trying to hit the pool and break it up with other fun stuff too. Luckily, Grandma has been able to step in and help keep the kids busy and their cousins are coming in from out of the country for a few weeks!



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  1. I love everything you have done Jen, and think so French doors looks sooooo very cool! The gray looks very nice on the back door and adds interest without being overpowering. So glad you were tipped off by the “Big Guy” about the leaky tank and were spared such a tragedy with everything involved. He sure works like that. The black door looks very smart and sophisticated and I’m sure your daughter will someday agree…….. Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to see it all done! Blessings, Linda

  2. Our kids are just too funny when it comes to changing things up. You made my giggle when you said you sent her to bed early. My boys fuss all the time when I go to paint something. My youngest is usually the most diplomatic and says things like “Mom I can see why you like that color but I really do wish you would leave it the color it was”. They crack me up so much. Hopefully by the time they are grown men my boys will be use to it and their wives will thank me!;) Love the changes Jen!

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