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This time last April,post catch up…..

So much has happened since last year! Time flies! I was looking back through some of my old posts and thought I might share some of them with you….
The weather was so much better here last year. Next week is my *gulp* 41st birthday. What the heck?! Where did my 30’s go? I think it’s making me reminisce a little bit. 
When I turned 40, I didn’t want a  big “to do”, all I wanted was a nice little backyard get together.
 Some drinks, some snacks and a few sweets with some good friends.
It was the perfect, little get together. 
This year it’ll be a bit quieter this year since I will be coming off of the flea market.
One thing I would love to do is sleep in 🙂
I also jazzed up a “new to me” table with some dip-dye table legs last April.
And I did the big reveal on our bathroom renovation. I love how I always see this listed as “Great guest bath makeover”…. Don’t I wish! This is it peeps, this is our main bathroom. It just proves you can do amazing things with cozy spaces.
And it was very exciting to see myself in a cookbook. I cook from scratch all of the time, but there is nothing like seeing it in print. It makes me wonder what the next year will bring! 
I hope to see you at Kane County Flea Market this weekend and I have a few other exciting adventures I am going to be announcing soon too! 41 doesn’t look so bad. 
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  1. Happy Birthday! I was thinking the same thing about the weather this year vs. last. My daffodils are itching to bloom, and I can’t wait to see their pretty yellow petals!

    I just turned 42 last month, and one thing I’m loving about my 40’s is that I’m freeing myself from what people think – I just don’t care anymore. It’s quite liberating!! Enjoy!

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    Happy Birthday. I have a birthday this month too the big 55 yikes!!! Oh to be 41 again!!!!! Enjoy your 40’s they are the best years. See you at the flea market. I can’t wait.

  3. Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing these “memories” with us. Love those dip-dyed table legs. How great to see yourself in a cook book! One of my recipes was printed in Southern Living magazine and I was quite happy about that, but never any pictures, so I can imagine how thrilled you must have been.

  4. happy birthday…..you look amazing Jen!
    you’ve had a great year…the bathroom makeover comment was funny…you were like, “this isn’t a guest bathroom..it’s our MAIN bathroom.”

    I might need to check Pinterest out and see what some of my projects have been called. 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday YOUNG lady! Just remember, it’s not the years in your life but the life in your years…

    …and you, my dear girlfriend are kicking some serious butt in that department! xo

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