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Thoughts and cabinet cleaning….

I have to admit; my thoughts have been constantly occupied by the events happening in Japan. A lot. My thoughts and prayers are with every single one of those people and I am praying diligently that they are able to get everything under control very soon. I know all I can do is donate, but I wish I could do more.

   Sometimes when I feel restless and helpless, it helps me to get involved in a project.
I cleaned out and dusted my hutch in my kitchen. I arranged my mismatched coffee mugs. I  am a hobo coffee mug girl. I have about 20 from the thrift stores and none of them match at all. But I like a good solid mug that cups well in my hand.
  Don’t look too closely because my plates don’t match either. I’ve tried for matched plates and then one gets broken.
  These 4 fancy cups from Anthropologie were my splurge last year and an attempt to have some matching mugs for when people come over.
  They are so pretty… I never use them. 
 I have all of my shelves lined with cotton canvas. I hate putting dishes on painted wood. This way it blends in and keeps the paint from getting nicked or wet from a damp dish.
 I was going to  dust the items on top of the hutch, but, well….  laziness took over.
It was nice to have it all cleaned and organized for spring.
If you would like to donate for the devastation in Japan, The Red Cross can tell you how to donate.
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  1. oh! everything looks wonderful and tidy! and i am proud of you for not dusting the top! who is going to be able to see the dust way up there anyway! i too feel useless in this big time of need! praying!!!

    ps. i have a chandelier that looks just like yours except mine is missing all of its crystals! i am trying to decide if i want to replace them and how many i would need!

  2. Looks gorgeous! I just love that cabinet.

    The devastation in Japan is weighing heavily on all our minds. I know exactly how you feel – I wish I could help more than just donating.

  3. Love your cups and your dishes. My plates and coffee cups are all mismatched. I stay with white plates so that the mismatches don’t show too much. But the coffee mugs are all over the place.

  4. It is so hard to keep my hosue clean- we have a woodstove and the dust gets everywhere!! Love your last few posts, too!

  5. I clean too when I am sad, your cabinet looks so nice and it makes you feel better inside. Every time U watch the news and see all the devastation it makes me think how lucky we, donating money is what they need at this point.So please let’s all help if we can. Thanks Jennifer for posting this


  6. I love all your mis-matched dishes. Looks like my shelves. The fact that you don’t use your pretty mugs, cracks me up!

    My heart goes out to the people in Japan. Especially the moms wonder where there kids are. My son in law is waiting aboard a navy ship, impaitently, to go help in Japan. My prayers go out for those men as well for their safety and service.

  7. Your dishes and cups are beautiful! I never thought to line them with canvas tho; I think I will do that; what a great idea.

    Every where you turn there is pictures and talk about Japan; It’s so devastating, I couldn’t even imagine. I pray for those poor people.


  8. I do the same thing w/ that restless energy, dust-clean-rearrange a hutch. I love the paint on yours. Thanks for the post.

  9. It is difficult to grasp the magnitude of suffering these people have undergone. I pray that the shared tragic experiences allow people to help one another as they move past this terrible event.
    I am so saddened just typing this. I pray that I realize a way by which I can do more to help.

  10. Jen has been nice and clean your cabinet white pieas adore a good cup of coffee makes you have a good day without hesitation, you know we have the same containers are the first, are ideal to drink soda or water I love them. I’m hoping to find a white pie yours here encuntra not: (I’m also concerned with the misfortune of pity my god Japan. Bss Josefa.

  11. I too have mismatched dishes and cups. I just bought the same Anthropologie coffee cup that you have (but I only bought just the one.)

  12. Hey darlin…know how you feel about Japan…our Meg is going back to Haiti again in May…all those poor people..on a lighter note,your cabinet looks lovely,I try and try but I can not keep my cupboards neat(shhhhh) oh well I can’t be perfect..haha! Talk soon,xoxo

  13. Hey! Found your blog today while looking for inspiration, and here I found some 😉
    Just wondering, does it say “mjølk” on some of the glasses? If so, where did you find them? 🙂

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