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To new drape or not to new drape, that is the question….

Could I slaughter Shakespeare anymore?
You would think with 2 years of Theatre and a silver medal for the Forensics(speech) team, I could come up with something much better. I mean, it’s not like the U.S. Constitution test or anything. And why would they would write a test that is so hard that it takes someone in high school 3 times and 1 detention to pass it I’ll never know….
Oh, was that just me?
I am getting itchy drape-itis again.
Here is my dilemma.
This is now my living room.
 I moved my Thomas Paul fabric drapes from the dining area below.
into the living room, and the living room drapes pictured below,
into the dining area. Are you still with me? Have I confused you?
 Where they are light and bright and pretty.
I love them there.
But now, I have the darker heavier drapes in my living room and they just feel so “heavy”. I still love the pattern, they just feel more wintery.
I have these drapes I bought at Anthropologie about 4 years ago
 Which I do love, and they are lighter, but I am really trying to start to get away from all of the brown I have in the house.

 So, do I keep the Thomas Paul drapes, do I switch out for the old Anthro drapes, or do  I start looking around for something lighter and brighter?
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  1. Me too. I personally like the Thomas Paul better, but either way was nice. I just happen to prefer the look of the TP drapes between the two choices. I can’t wait to see what you decide! 🙂

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  2. Maybe find something lighter and brighter for the spring and summer, and change to the heavier ones for the winter. Easy way to give your room a whole new look each season.
    Mary Alice

    1. What I wanted to say was go with the Anthro drapes till you find something you love. I thought the TP were black at first but I see they are also a dark brown that I just love but would keep for fall/winter.

  3. I love all of your choices:) However, I think I would look for something lighter and brighter for spring and summer. I think its because the ones that were in the living room were lighter and brighter, so its hard to put in a darker color in there. Make sense? (keep in mind you are one of my 3 favorite bloggers and anything you do I love:)

  4. LOL, I hope you stumbled onto my blog and saw my post on windows….I NEVER know what to do with them! Your window coverings are beautiful!! If money were no object (and when is it ever?!!), I think having something lighter for spring and summer would be great and then it would be fun to change it back for fall/winter…but that’s only if I’m spending your money Jen!
    Your house is so lovely no matter what

  5. Definitely lighter and brighter for summer and stash away the Thomas Paul curtains for the fall. (because they are so totally scrumptious!) LOVE, Love, love them! but then i like the anthro curtains as well. I have to admit we have seasonal curtains in our home.. but they are kinda mish mashy since I’ve bought most things piecemeal (think sales plus gift cards… gotta make the $$ stretch as far as it will go… plus no two houses we’ve lived in have EVER had similar sized windows.)
    Good luck! I know you’ll come up with a wonderful solution… you taste is impeccable so I have all the faith in the world in your decisions!

  6. I am going for the light and airy…….love that look…….I know how ya feel i am forever changing my style…..much to my husbands chagrin……and pocketbook!!!!!! LOL Deb Vintage On A Dime 🙂

  7. I love all of your curtain choices but I am lighter brighter kind of gal LOL! I love letting as much light in my home as possible.Do what makes you happy 🙂

  8. All the curtains are gorgeous, so you can’t do wrong with any of them, but you know which ones I’m going to pick … the Anthro curtains.

  9. I personally prefer the more “bold” fabric (which you called darker and heavier). That said, however, what have you got to lose by hanging the “brown” drapes in and giving it a try? Just a few minutes to swap them out — and no money spent. If that doesn’t do the trick, then you could hunt down some new ones. Perhaps it’s just “now that it’s spring I want to change things up” goin’ on … and you can determine how much time/money/energy to spend on the process. (Me, think I’m going to wash carpets and put the furniture back completely different) BTW I am a new reader and would love to know more about the arm chair with what appears to be “912” on it’s back … YUM!

  10. I love them all! You have amazing taste in (what I would call curtains 🙂 My Grandma…being from the midwest would call them drapes though so I knew what you meant.
    I love the Anthro ones but then I love anything Anthro..New is also always fun.
    Good Luck!
    Ashley Rane Sparks

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