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Vacation mode

Don’t worry, I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet. 🙂 I had a few people asking me if I was okay since I hadn’t been posting this last week. I have to admit,it was pure summer laziness.

view off of new glarus

I was so organized when we left on vacation the week before last, I had all of my posts scheduled and ready to go. We got home last Monday and for some reason I could not get back in the swing of things. I had all of these plans for all of these posts and I really ended up spending last week at the pool with the kids. I have to admit, It was a bit of a nice break, and gave me a nice refresh. I should really do that more often, I would probably feel less burnt out that way.

Vacation was a nice,low key car ride around Wisconsin and Illinois. We visited Madison, WS, New Glarus, and Galena, IL and stopped at little towns in between. We checked out a brewery,ate at great local-vore restaurants and took the kids swimming a lot. Just a week of hanging out together. 🙂

I hope you are having a nice summer break so far, only 8 weeks until school starts!

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  1. Wow ! 8 weeks till the start of school !!!!! My Grandkids first full week off was last week. Sure will fly by !

  2. I know you had a good time. We visited Madison last summer and I just loved it. So fun and surrounded by two lakes! Did not know that! Galena is a place we get to every few years…so many shops and restaurants packed together. Love that! We don’t have the little kids anymore but love towns like this. Just went to Door county a few weeks ago for the first time. Now—if only it wasn’t 6 hours away!!

    e lazy—it’s good for the soul!

    Jane x

  3. My kids are 42 and 35 so as empty nesters we always take our vacations in April and October. The luxury of the off season. We have always wanted to visit door country .
    Pamela in WV

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