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Want a mug for that coffee?

 As many of you may know, I have  a mug obsession.
 It could have something to do with the fact my only vice is coffee all day long, but I love sipping my favorite drink out of a cute mug.
 anthro mugs
 When I was at my friend, Jeanne’s, over the summer, I loved how she had all of her mugs on a french bottle rack. Being the good friend I am, of course had to copy her.
French bottle rack for mugs
 I love having all of my prettiest mugs out, ready for one of my friends just to grab one.
…Coffee anyone?  🙂


P.S. because you all asked…Here’s where you can find a French mug rack

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  1. I completely get your obsession! Everything tastes better out of a pretty mug! PS. I love you playlist Jennifer! I keep it going while I’m reading other blogs in the morning!

  2. Such a cute idea. I recognize a lot of those pretty, colorful mugs from Anthropologie. Where did you find your mug stand? I’d love to recreate that look in my own kitchen. 🙂

  3. That is one of my only vices too.Well that is besides chocolate.Love how you have those displayed.I am on the hunt for one of those french bottle dryers.If I find the right price I will grab it.

  4. Hello! I am one of your newest followers, and I have to say that your drying rack caught my eye in your earlier post. I simply adore it! I am drinking my coffee out of plain white mug. You’ve got me thinking…perhaps I need to ditch the white and start buying pretty mugs!

  5. Hi Jennifer~~ I love coffee mugs too:) There is something about drinking coffee out of one you really like thats makes the experience even better. Love your rack for them too:) I would love to have one of those:)

    Have a great day and enjoy your coffee;)))

  6. Love your mug collection – so beautiful! I would love to know where you bought your drying rack. I have searched everywhere but, unfortunately, have not been able to find one that I could afford to purchase. Have a beautiful day.

  7. I have a similar vice, but one problem…almost no pretty mugs. I keep telling myself to start collecting them but I always forget. If I ever do get a good collection going I would love to display them like you have done.

  8. Your mugs are beautiful and I love the mug holder. Thanks for letting us know that you are using a french bottle thingy to display them. What is your favorite coffee?

  9. I want a french drying wrack so badly! My birthday is next week:) Can you tell me where you got yours? I want a cool one like your but am not willing to may a couple hundred dollars for it either:)

  10. A.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. These are the kind of posts I love and I often pop back just to look at all the beauty. I am a dish lover and tea-cups and coffee cups are my obsession, too. Love this post so much. Thanks for sharing these beautiful cups. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  11. I’ll be right over!

    Seriously, though, I love your pretty cups – so gorgeous!! and being able to show them off like that is a big bonus.


  12. Pretty mugs, Jen!

    I wanted to tell you I’m seeing your kitchen everywhere! First at Layla’s, and now on Country Living’s website. I love seeing your kitchen…you did an amazing job!


  13. What a great way to display your collection of coffee mugs. Love how pretty all of your mugs are, so Jen! It would be fun to come over for coffee and pick out a mug to use. The most fun, having coffee with you!!!!!!!!

  14. HI all! I bought my rack at a show last winter for around $80. I splurged. It is definitely a reproduction. I wish I had a place you could get one at. I would say just keep shopping around!

  15. Love those mugs! Mugs count as dishes and I am a dish addict so therefore I’m obsessed too…..convoluted but it works for me!
    Love the bottle rack too….wish I could find one that didn’t require auctioning off one of my kids….on the other hand….

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