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Weekend in pictures

I really believed once the kids were out of school, we would have this casual, easy summer. One where I was able to work, yet lay round and relax while they slept in. I realize now I am a silly, silly person. I’ve been busier in the last week than I was all school year. It seems like I’ve been hopping around, in and out of the car, and making mad dashes all week, fitting the kids social calendar between working and everything else.  Even though it was busy,we did have a really nice last few days though, and I wanted to share the weekend in pictures with you.

Flowers in buckets

Saturday started with  yard work. I had picked up some annuals from the grocery store, and placed them around the yard for color. I had a few galvanized buckets, and grouped them together. I think $4.99 flowers and galvanized buckets = yard magic.  I also re-planted the lavender path area. I lot a ton of beautiful plants after the dry winter. I even lost some of my biggest and oldest plants. I was sad, because I love walking that path and harvesting the sweet flower sprigs in the morning.

After hanging with the kids at the pool for a few hours, then hitting church,then going to our park district’s anniversary, I headed over to our township food pantry garden to water.

Food pantry community garden

I live in an area where we have several food pantries. I was approached about volunteering, and there is a group of about 15-20 of us who are getting the Township garden ready for planting. All of the produce we grow, goes directly to the food pantry so the clients can have really fresh, garden-grown veggies when they pick up. I love being able not only to use the gift of gardening, but being able to use it to help in our community.

Community garden

There are some really amazing, and dedicated volunteers who donate their time. We were blessed to have seedlings donated by the Sunrise greenhouse in Grant Park, IL. Our job this weekend was to get everything in and keep it watered!

Sunday morning we headed up to the north side of the city and participated in the law enforcement torch run for the Special Olympics. It was awesome to see everyone who turned out on the toasty day. It was a bit on the hot side, but I’m glad the weather was clear.

At the lakeside

The kids did a great job, and we of course treated ourselves after with a wade in the lake (Michigan), and some amazing donuts in Evanston from DB 3 donuts.

DB 3 donuts in Evanston

Friends, I am not even kidding.These are amazing.

DB 3 donuts

I was a glutton and had the lemon meringue donut, and the lemon glazed donut.

Pretty awesome donuts

I’ve highlighted them in case you’re wondering which ones I jammed down my gob. I might be slightly possessive.

After we headed home, a client had a cabinet install. I popped over, full of sand and donuts to check it out.

Client cabinet install, white cabinets dark island

The installers are going to finish tomorrow, and then the counter tops will be measured.Lighting has been delivered and waiting too. It’s so exciting to see it take shape!

So that was our weekend in a nutshell. I have to admit, I am pretty glad for this quiet Monday morning, with everyone still sleeping! How was your weekend?


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