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What’s more important.. visits or pageviews?

I’ve been blogging for just over 4 years now, and I still have no clue… 
what’s the more important number to consider? Pageviews, visitors? 
 Not that it’s  a popularity contest, but this came up in discussion the other day and I am curious to know what you think.  🙂
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  1. Just like the number of followers you have, why does either matter, unless you are really marketing or trying to. I have 37 followers. I am constantly seeing requests and contest to help bloggers get to ## followers [though really if you have a contest to get there, what does that in the end, mean?] I’ve advised a couple people passing on advice I got about getting more followers [to become one yourself and also to post on blogs when possible]. The funny thing there was the person deleted my suggestions. Repeatedly. What the…. ???

    I have no idea how many page views or visits my blog gets [though if my going back there to read and reread counts as either the number is WAY off, cause I do that a LOT!]. I write and do my furniture for me, and to raise $$ for the rescue. I have yet to sell anything to a follower, so why any of those things really and truly matter in the grand scheme of life… I dunno’.

  2. LOL I just went to see how many page views I have, 1200 something. I was expecting way less. So really the only number smaller than my followers is the number of comments I get! LOL!
    Now that I am thinking abut it, it’s depressing… and I’m not even sure why!

  3. I’m fairly sure that Pageviews are the number of times one particular post was viewed and visits means to the whole blog in general….For example, someone might look at more than one page on your blog, so that would be ONE VISIT, but MORE THAN ONE PAGEVIEW. Make sense?
    What is that green stuff you’re eating???

  4. I have a huge number of blog visits (I just checked) but the comments I get are not so many. Do they click in and click right back out because they don’t like what they see? Wish they would leave a comment and tell me! I’m thinking I’m not going to believe that visit number thingy.

  5. I don’t have much of a clue either, but I read that numbet of visitors is more important, how many times people visit your blog itself, as opposed to pageviews, where a single Page on your blog is viewed. Pageview numbers are often higher than visits, according to what I read. Personally, I think both seem equally as important, but what do I know… 😉

  6. Neither really matters to me. It is one of my pet peeves when I visit a blog and that person won’t return the favor. I know I see my page view numbers and I do wonder why they don’t comment. I just give up on the whole thing!

  7. I like to receive comments, but blogspot has made it so difficult to leave a comment these days that after the third try I stop. I know fellow bloggers will try once and then they are done. I wish blogspot would fix that, but until they do, comments will continue to be down. Sea Witch

  8. oh do tell…
    i have no idea which is more important.
    do you google analytics?
    i think that’s more specific in giving you first time viewers compared with loyal readers etc.
    but honestly, i never check the google thing.
    when you discover i’d love for you to share
    & enlighten me….
    are comments becomming the 8track of the blog world? mine are down.
    not that i rule my blogging by that. i realize i so often read in reader thus seldom comment but wonder if the comments thing is down across the board.


  9. Hi Jenn!

    I do know the difference, but not sure which one is more important?

    I also agree…. love the comments.
    They keep me snapping photos and writing and sharing. And through those comments come the friendships — which is the icing on the cake for me. Love my blogging girlfriends!

    To Sea Witch: I had the same problem, unable to leave a comment for many blogs, especially if I checked the box to “stay signed in” on blogger. Then I did a post and asked q’s about some of my blogging issues and several girls told me to upload Google Chrome (which took maybe 30 seconds) and I use it as my porthole to open blogger now and I have not had a single issue since!

    Let us know if you figure out the answer to visitors vs. views, Jen!


  10. When I first read your post title Jennifer I thought you meant followers vs page views. I have to go and check my visits on google stats. But I will say that I have been struggling a little with the lack of followers after having my blog almost a year now and then pretty much getting anywhere from 0 to 3 comments per post. One the other side, I get approx. 100 page views a day. So I think people are visiting blogs, reading, not following or commenting. Good or bad? I don’t know. But it has been disappointing. Thanks for posting the question!

  11. Who knows! I will say though that I got a good chuckle out of your pics…I love that your feet dangle instead of reaching the ground while you are sitting on that bench :))

    Lov ya!

    🙂 T

  12. I just love you Jen!!! You are REAL girl!!!! Well, I’ve had my blog almost five years now and am plugged into sitemeter.com and see these things frequently but really DON’T HAVE A CLUE!

    I just try to share my life, what I’m up to and what I am creating and whatever happens….happens! When you find out, will you let me know? All I know is that folks DO contact me to advertise and I guess that’s a good thing, right?

    hugs and love, Dawn

  13. This is my take on it.
    Visitors as in unique visitors, stands for the people that visit you. It is your reach so to speak. Page views means the number of pages said visitors read on your blog. One visitor can click link after link on your blog and rake up many pageviews in the process.
    Money wise pageviews is the most important. You get 000001 ct from Google for every time an ad is shown to someone, so the more pageviews the better. That is why Google analytics also gives you the bounce rate. Which basically means how many people ‘hit’ your blog and than ‘bounce’ away immediately. The more ‘sticky’ your blog is, the longer people hang around.
    Of course pageviews isn’t only important because of ad revenues, it is also a way to tell if people are really interested in your blog. If a new visitor sticks around and dives into your archives you know that you are on the right track (providing that we all blog because we want to be read).
    So both numbers really are important to tell whether your blog is doing ok. Visitors tells you, you are actally reaching readers, pageviews tells you those readers like your stuff.
    Hope this helps.
    xxx Marianne

  14. I try not to pay attention to either. It’s not easy….I think as bloggers we are motivated more by followers, page views and visitors and enjoy seeing those numbers climb, but for me at times it can feel almost competitive which takes away from the joy of blogging.

  15. Thanks for bringing this up…like me, it seems many of us have no clue about the difference! Thanks to Marianne at Songbird, it has become much clearer.
    Jennifer you has a beautiful blog and a great aesthetic, keep up the great work!

    Cathy @ Room Rx

  16. Off topic of the post but on topic of the comments. Since I switched from the blogger feed to google feed everything is messed up. I am logged into my blog but if I am on the view blog page it looks like im not signed in and I dont have my links to follow others etc. Follow me on this problem….If I click on the link to sign in, it tells me I am signed in. 90% of the time I cant leave a sweet comment because I get thrown back and forth between two systems asking me to sign in and then telling me I dont have a right to be there or that I am already signed in but I am not sure where to go to fix the glitch. So if people are hitting your pages but arent commenting dont be offended its just that it is all mucked up on the other end for some of us.

  17. To all those who commented that they get no comments, or not enough of them, and who wrote how much those comments mean… I’m coming to look at your blogs and to leave comments and follow you. Cause I know how great it is to get feedback!

  18. Dear Jen, I am probably the worse blogger,in history, so far. :):) I know nothing… “Nana Diana takes a break ” has helped me many times. Also she does check out my site. Sometimes no one visits…but I am not giving up. I visit sites I find on other sites… on and on. LOL Smiles to you, Susie

  19. Gosh girl, I have no idea.
    I always thought people placed more of a premium om comment and follower numbers, shows how much I know.

    Neither matters as much these days, I’m just thankful for the friends, like you, who pay me a visit from time to time. 🙂


  20. I never know either. I get so many hits from my custom painting furniture tips, that I think it throws off my numbers, since those people are not followers and rarely stay to read my blog, they want their info, then they are gone. So I don’t know what my “real” reader numbers are.

    Also, I think comments are down because so many people read the blogs on facebook or googlereader, or some other service. But if an interesting topic (like this one) comes up, people do take time to leave a comment. I read your blog all the time on googlereader, but rarely comment. I’m still out there, though!

  21. Hi there,

    personally it is the green tongue… LOL

    it is the spontaneity of the blogging for ourselves, and if others leave us notes to read, all the better, but it is for us…


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