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Chair Reupholstering with Extra Baby Blankets

Quite a few years ago when I had my first child, well-intentioned people seemed to think I needed baby blankets. LOTS and LOTS of baby blankets.  It was fine, and I used a few, and I had some favorites, but with each child it seemed I received even MORE BABY BLANKETS. I had closets full, they were stuffed in plastic storage boxes and showed in drawers. It actually became a joke after  a while. It was time to do some chair reuphostering with extra baby blankets.

Using babay blankets Seat for reupholstering

It’s been years since I’ve even used them, many have been donated or given away, but I am still finding them, it’s almost like they are slowly coming out of hiding. So I rounded up a few extras I had laying around and thought it might be time to reuse and recycle and put them to good use.

Old chair to reuphoster

I also had this chair that needed a fresh seat. It was so flat, it hurt my bottom to sit on it and needed some extra cushioning.

Using old baby blankets to reuphoster a chair

I didn’t have any foam cushion pads, but you know what I did have? Lots and lots of old baby blankets. It was time for chair reuphostering with extra baby blankets, With a bit of a wrap and staple job if knew I could make the chair so much more comfortable. So I used the baby blankets as the cushioning, just like I’ve used pillow forms as well.

Black Chair reuphostered with baby blakets

I’ve also used them in old blankets to stuff pillows, and I’ve used afghans that I just can’t get rid of, but have no place for to fill out pillow shams and duvets. So those old baby blankets aren’t so useless after all, and the best part is I still get to keep them.
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