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Win a trip to the Michaels Makers Summit 2016!

So I have some really cool news for you! Remember how I went to the Michaels Maker summit last year? You can win a trip to the Michaels Makers summit 2016!

It was a really amazing time, to be in such a beautiful place surrounded by amazingly creative people.

Michaels makers summit

The entire thing was such a boost, and just so well put together. The classes by Creative Bug were amazing and I just left so charged up and ready to make!

Michaels makers 2015

Well, now you have a chance to go too!

Michaels maker tag

Head over to  Michaels.com to their Made with Michaels page and upload a photo of a personalized DIY or craft project you’ve made! This year, Michaels is hosting a contest to bring 50 lucky winners on an all-expenses-paid trip to the Second Annual Michaels Makers Summit in September 2016 to hang with us and the rest of the Makers!

Table setting with vintage/thrift store dishes

The contest will run from February 15 – March 26.

Good luck! Hope to see you there!!

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  1. HI Jen,

    In what city is the 2016 Michael’s Maker Summit going to be? Where was it in 2015? I’m from Canada and I just want to know before I enter the contest. Can we enter more than one idea, or just one? What was your project last year?

    I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

    Rose Gallo

  2. Hi Jen
    I too am in Canada, and would like to know where the 2016 Summit will be held. Also, can you enlarge on what it means by “personalized” craft. Thank very much.

  3. Hello Jen,
    I am really excited for this contest! Do you know where the summit will be? Also, is this contest meant for craft bloggers?


    1. HI Jackie, it’s for everyone, so please feel free to enter!!! The summit is in California.

      1. It looks like everybody has as much trouble as me, in finding the location of the Summit! I’m glad you told us California…but where? Is there a reason we’re not seeing, for why this info would be so secretive? I’m puzzled!

        1. I don’t know.Last year it was just outside of San Francisco, but there is always a chance they are going to have it at a new location? Micheals is actually located in Texas, so I am surprised they didn’t have it there.

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