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Found Window Pane as Garden Decor

Sometimes a nice walk to Walgreen’s can turn into a (hot) treasure hunt.I had been looking for an old window to hang in my back garden. I wasn’t about to pay for one, so I’ve been keeping my eyes open. Of course I find one of two on the beginning of the 3/4 mile walk back to my house and it was only 92 degrees out. I would’ve taken the other one, but my Walgreen’s bag was slowing me down. You know me, I can never pass up a treasure! I knew had to walk fast and couldn’t wait to use my found window pane as garden decor.

Using a found window pane as garden decor(Just for you, A re-enactment)

I had to figure out a way to hang my window pane as garden decor, so after some careful consideration, I ended up hanging some screw eyes in the top, and eye hooks into the fence. I know sometimes that old windows can have lead paint, so I hung it in an area where the kids aren’t at and isn’t over where any food is growing. Check out more of the garden with an arbor here.

How to hang an old window in the garden

But it was worth it with just a couple of stray eye hooks later with the found window pane as garden decor (those eye hooks we keep in what we refer to as the jar of tetanus.).

Using a found window pane as garden decor by hanging an old window in the garden on a fence

Adding ordinary items to your garden  as decor is one way to add interest and bring in a little bit of quirkiness. Even though this window won’t last forever in the elements, I know I am going to enjoy it while it’s there. I’ve planted chairs and used old dresser drawers as decor. I love this little found window and how it hangs in it’s new home.

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