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Wonderful wallpaper

I’ve been considering using wallpaper in our downstairs laundry room was we move towards finishing it in the near future.The walls aren’t perfect, so it might be a perfect solution instead of painting and trying to get a perfectly smooth finish.The only thing I’ve noticed though is I’m all over the place with patterns and colors!

I am in super love with this wallpaper by Farrow and Ball

Farrow and ball wallpaper


And I have been drooling over this one from Anthro for a while

anthro wall paper


I really like this floral gold paper by Oh Joy.

Oh joy wall paper


I love this vintage-inspired design by Little green

pretty vintage inspired wall paper


Look how pretty this feather wall paper is!

pretty feather walll paper


I love this bird wall paper! I do love a good bird. That probably sounded wrong.

Pretty bird wallpaper


and I do love this one, but it might be a bit much for a laundry room.


What do you think? Have you wall papered anything in your home?

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  1. Ha you are all over the board…..Are you doing all 4 walls or just a focal wall? How big is your space? If you are doing all 4…..I would be a little overwhelmed with some of the prints. Good Luck!

  2. Loving all the examples of the pretty wallpaper. Makes me want to wallpaper some rooms. I really like the gold sunburst would lovely in my powder room.

  3. We haven’t done any wallpaper in our current house, but we did 2 houses ago. Like you, I was all over the place in picking a pattern. We lived in an 1850 farmhouse, and really wanted it to go with the style of the house, so that helped me narrow down the choices, but I still wanted to change it only 2 years later and there was no way I was going through that work again. We put ours over a plaster wall that was pretty uneven and the pattern helped cover the uneven-ness (my brain is failing me for the right word here), but you could still tell it was there. I’ve read that there are some easy to change wallpapers out now which would be nice if you change your mind down the road. Or you could do a fabric wall instead. Paint is nice for easy changes, but the patterns in wallpaper (and fabric) are beautiful!

  4. The top, Farrow and Ball is so bee-utiful and classic! and laundryish.. .with the blue! I have been thinking wallpaper too… in flowers. My grandmother had everyone wallpapered. I love the roses she had in the two bedrooms!

  5. Oh, the first one is classic. You would not tire of that, but I do love the feathers as well. I actually just wallpapered my laundry area before Christmas. I did a very dramatic grey on white print. I figure if I have to spend as much time as I do there, it may as well be pretty. Looking forward to seeing which one you choose.

  6. Jennifer, we have wall-papered every room in our house, almost. Now, we are tearing it down and getting into just painting more. However, I do love, love, love the first image of wall paper in your post for a laundry room! That is what I would pick!

  7. Have always loved wallpaper, its amazing what changes it can make in a room, but the problem is—picking out just one you like. I liked all the ones you showed, I’d have a hard time too, and now wallpaper is soooo much prettier – have fun deciding.

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