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Wood countertops are in!…

And I am ecstatic.
It’s so funny because about the same time that this clever chick posted this; I had already been thinking the exact same thing! Great minds think alike.
We purchased our butcher block countertops from Ikea. They were so affordable and I loved that I could have something that there was no off-gassing with like laminate. Someday I would love Marble or a natural stone. Supposedly the laminate countertops off-gas VOC’s for up to 7 years. We are lucky enough to live about five minutes from Ikea. Instead of the lighter colors though like Aspen or Maple, I went with the Oak though. I loved the warmth. My contractor routered the edge for me, but because I wanted a more aged appearance, I had him sand down the edges for a less pronounced look, like they had already been used for years and years. A few coats of food-safe sealer and they were ready to go. I know some people say the wood stains more, but we’ve never prepped food directly on our countertops with out a board; so for us it’s not as issue.
We also bought a new sink. Our stainless sink was over 15 years old and showed every inch. I went with a white cast iron sink, as farmhouse sinks were just our of our budget range. I love the fact that the one we bought is from 93% recycled and reclaimed materials and was way under 200 dollars. Plus, it’s deeper than our old one.

It is coming along; wait till you see our stairs. We were very lucky that there were Oak treads under the gross carpet. For once, we lucked out!  🙂


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  1. I want wood countertops because I have a very old home. I do not live near a Ikea store so I don’t know what your countertop looks like. Could you take a picture of your countertop a little further back? I actually wanted mine out of pine boards but someone stated they wouldn’t stay flat and eventually would warp. Is it expensive to buy the wood tops at Ikea? Thanks for any information you can give me.


  2. Our kitchens are looking more and more alike.

    I too live like 5 minutes from IKEA and I got the OAK countertops, but I got the white porcelain farmhouse sink from IKEA.

    Happy Days my friend. Enjoy!!

  3. oh man, the anticipation is killing me. I cannot WAIT to see your kitchen completed! (Probably not as much as YOU can’t wait, though!!)

  4. I too have wood counters. I found a great sealer called “Good Stuff.” I’ve had my counters 2 years and have never had to re-apply. It really is “Good Stuff!”

  5. I have these exact counters on my island! I love them, but will be now breaking out the router this weekend to make them even more beautiful than I already think they are! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  6. I would like to see more of your wood countertops when you have a chance to post the pictures…. I think they are amazing and beautiful!!

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