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Wood flooring as wood accent wall progress

 I love the natural texture a wood accent wall brings to a space. There is just something about a wood accent wall that brings  a certain warmth.

Use wood flooring to make a wood accent wall

I was going to use a ready-made wall product, but hubby reminded me we still had about 100 sq feet worth of over-order from when we did our wood floors 6 years ago, so it seemed like a

no-brainer to use what we already had since we only needed about 35 square feet.

Beofer wood accent wall

This is the wall our vanity goes on. There was a sink here before, but it was really dinky and had no counter space. We are going to swap it out with a vintage buffet with a sink on top. I really wanted something behind it that was more than just painted drywall. The plumbing (not pictured) comes out of the side of the wall, so it wasn’t going to be in our way to do the wood accent wall either.

Adding a wood accent wall with wood flooring

After laying out a pattern of how we wanted the board to go, and getting rid of any that didn’t seem great, hubby started by gluing and nailing and leaving room on the side for expansion and contraction, just like a regular wood floor. Then once it was up, was the big decision. Do we leave it natural or stain it?

Addoing stain to a wood wall to deepen it.

I actually sat on it a day, which is so unlike me.I really loved the look of the raw wood, but I knew I would need to seal it since it would be exposed to some water and humidity.  I tried both Polyacrylic and plain Polyurethane on scrap pieces. What I didn’t like was while both deepened the color, the yellow undertones were also deepened. I also didn’t like straight stain either, it was too dark. And I knew over time straight polyurethane tends to yellow. Even though it takes years, it would be even more yellow-y.

I ended up doing  just a little bit of a color called Briarsmoke by Varathane. It gave it just the right amount of toned-down depth I was looking for without looking dark and then Poly.

Poly and stain on an oak wood wall

I love how it looks! I love just looking at it, it’s so pretty. It is a really nice custom look for the cost of a little stain and poly (though, I won’t mention how many cans of stain I had to buy to get to this  color.)

Wood accent wall and hex tile floor

I really love the wood accent wall against the floor too. I think they make a really nice contrast!

You can see the finished space here.

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  1. What a great idea! I’ve been wanting to make an accent wall in the family room in our basement and keep going back and forth on different techniques. Love this one!

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